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Discus and support Xbox 1 s in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I am a 70 year old Grandad I have just bought my Grandson Xbox 1 s with two controllers for two boys to play against each other. Coupled with a new... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by AndyLindley, May 15, 2019.

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    Xbox 1 s

    I am a 70 year old Grandad I have just bought my Grandson Xbox 1 s with two controllers for two boys to play against each other. Coupled with a new bedroom smart 24 inch television. Now I am getting little confused because I understood that when I played
    games you could choose between one or two players and compete on the same screen. Now is it the case that all games played on Xbox with two people that you must have a split screen to play. On a 24 inch bedroom television split screen is just not practical.
    Is there games or a solution which allow two boys to play games with their own controllers on a full screen. Looking forward to any comments made Grandad Andy Lindley

    AndyLindley, May 15, 2019
  2. calcal99911 Win User

    Will Halo 5 be on Xbox 360??

    xbox 1's are proberly better than ps4's
  3. Crumb Snatcherz Win User

    Xbox game share issue

    Both parties must set each others account as Home.

    For example party 1's xbox must have party 2's account as home. Party 2's xbox must have Party 1's account as home
  4. smileskybird Win User

    News On The NEW Xbox One Dashboard!

    I still prefer Xbox 360's current UI. Very good. And it places a lot more emphasis on avatars than Xbox 1's UI has ever done (social, parties, friends section of Xbox 360's dash). The Xbox Guide is also great too. None of this click on home button do get
    to stuff like Xbox 1's dash. Xbox 1's dash is more boxy, but it's way better than that Windows 8 like junk Xbox 1 released with which SO many people on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 complained about. The Windows 10 like UI is much better on Xbox 1 than the Windows 8.
    And yes!! There IS a difference between 8 and 10. Attention to detail. On Xbox 1, I notice the activity section is filled with useless spam and stuff of activities from randoms especially, and friends. And clubs and conversations could do with improving. Also
    with Xbox 1's UI, some of my friends the dash just says "offline". But when I log onto Xbox 360, it's UI says "last online 3 hours" or actually WHEN they were last online. It's only with some friends though. The Xbox 1 dash usually shows when 'most' friends
    were last online instead of just saying "offline". Xbox 1's UI is now a bit faster than Xbox 360's, but I find Xbox 360's UI appeals a lot more kid friendly because of it's design.
  5. smileskybird Win User

    Can I use my XBOX 360 Kinect with my Xbox one?

    Apparently, Xbox 1 doesn't really like Xbox 360 PPPPP

    Just kidding. I don't have Kinect for Xbox 360, but I got the Xbox 1 Day 1 edition console with Kinect. Xbox 1's Kinect has a higher resolution and can read QR codes and has better voice recepters and I think it's slimmer too. To video chat on Xbox 1 console,
    you need Kinect and the Skype app. It's worth investing the extra $100 in Xbox 1 Kinect. I have Zoo Tycoon and Kinect Sports Rivals, and those games are real fun with Kinect. Xbox 360's Kinect would probably conk out if it was used for those games, to me Xbox
    1's Kinect has better hardware. Xbox 1's Kinect also has an internal fan to keep it looking kwl on the inside and out.
  6. smileskybird Win User

    Future Xbox One games optimized for the Scorpio?

    There isn't to me, any noticeable hardware revision between the Xbox 1 original, and Xbox 1 S. The Xbox 1 S is just like 40% smaller, can be placed upright, and do a few extra things maybe, including an internal power supply (the ventilation would be a worry
    though. Small pen sized punch wholes on the console compared to the larger vent line-like wholes on the original Xbox 1). Another thing I dislike about the S, is - no Kinect port. You have to pay Microsoft more money to get a Kinect dongle port thingy so you
    can hook up your Kinect to the Xbox 1 S.

Xbox 1 s