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Discus and support xbox account in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; After using the last home option on my console, will remain after updates or if I am constantly online? 24c17861-622b-476f-a477-54da3c6097d7 Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by TinasheSteve, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. TinasheSteve
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    xbox account

    After using the last home option on my console, will remain after updates or if I am constantly online?

    TinasheSteve, Jan 14, 2022
  2. Kk1908 Win User


    Sorry i phrased it weird. Or im understanding it weird. So account a, b and c are accounts that have been signed in on My xbox. So xbox 1 is mine. Main account on xbox 1 is Account A.

    account c is on its own xbox. So xbox 2. On xbox 2, account a and account C are accounts that have been signed in on. So these accounts A and C are gamesharing. Main account on xbox 2 is Accounr C

    Account B on xbox 1 has not set xbox 1 as its home xbox. So if im following it right, if account B purchases a game on xbox 1, account C from xbox 2 wont receive access?
  3. R3PUBL1K Win User

    xbox account and wp8 account

    Hi Ty,

    If you still have access to an Xbox you could associate your old gamer tag with the new Microsoft account, if you wish, by following this guide. It will be a bit tricky but does work.

    Switch a Gamertag to another Microsoft Account

    As you already have a gamertag linked to both IDs you will need to perform a few extra steps as explained in the article.

    Its not exactly what you want by having two different accounts, but I believe it will make it simpler to have the one account for all.

    I look forward to reading you thoughts on this solution.
  4. RobertRyan9 Win User

    Xbox account to other account

    I went to do this, but my son already has a Microsoft account using his email address. How do I do this?
  5. XBA_Hype Win User

    Xbox account to other account

    if you sign into your Microsoft account online you can sign in and set up a secondary alias (sons email) then make that email the primary email address. you will be able to keep your email address.
  6. XBF Ruben D Win User

    Xbox account to other account

    Hello Guardiola1980,

    Thank you for posting on Xbox Forums. In regards to this issue/question of wanting to transfer the Xbox account from one email address to another, does your email that is currently connected to the Xbox account have the domain of either @hotmail or @outlook?
    If yes to either one, then it won't be possible to remove the email address associated with the Xbox profile as that would delete the email address permanently.

    If it ends with any other domain name such as @gmail, @yahoo, etc., then you should be able to add a new email to the associated account and then remove your email address thus disassociating your email address from the Xbox Account. For more information
    on how to do this please view this support article for Changing your Email Address.

    You don't necessarily have to remove your email from the account you can just make your son's email the primary for the account and have your email address as a secondary email just in case.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to reply back letting us know. Thank you again for posting on Xbox Forums.

xbox account

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