Xbox ban, Unfair ban

Discus and support Xbox ban, Unfair ban in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; So i got banned on my xbox account for saying gay, didn't even call anyone it. This is kinda unfair and i got banned for 2 weeks which is quite... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Sehjal, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Sehjal
    Sehjal Guest

    Xbox ban, Unfair ban

    So i got banned on my xbox account for saying gay, didn't even call anyone it. This is kinda unfair and i got banned for 2 weeks which is quite ridiculous, i wanna know if theres any way i can lift my ban and the case review questions are so bad aswell.
    Someone help

    Sehjal, Jun 3, 2019
  2. xTye Win User

    Banned for things I've never done

    Unfortunately, bans are not lifted for any reason unless it was an unfair ban. Each ban is investigated and are typically 100% accurate. Did you have anything indicating your profile was signed into another Xbox?
  3. Sehjal Win User

    Xbox ban, Unfair ban

    The xbox system is flawed, you can never win. My understanding is to not message anyone with 'bad' words.
  4. Elijah�� Win User

    Xbox ban, Unfair ban

    I just got troll by a player named I ORBITAL ME I after playing a match with him I think he was upset i beat him or something he first messaged me calling me garbage and that I have no skill I ignored him and went on with my day till he started joining
    my game session with my friend he started trolling us and caused us to fail a mission 4 times after I messaged him back becasue I was upset who wouldn't be after getting trolled so I messaged him he said because I used the work f!%k he said I was going to
    get com banned 4 seconds later I was com banned for a day its just a day but still this guy is trolling then getting players com banned to they cant play with their friends that isn't cool it's wrong he gets to abuse players then use Xbox's broken enforcement
    system to troll them even more all I know is I was trolled and I cant do anything about it why is Xbox's banning players like me who were trolled and why are they protecting a troll you know he does this all the time considering how fast I was com banned he
    even made fun of me before my ban happened saying enjoy that ban am i going to get any justice? or is this guy free?
  5. PalmettoBling Win User

    Xbox ban, Unfair ban

    I was talking to my brother about home etc, i didn't call him gay. I had no harmful intent and wasn't toxic over anything.

    This is 2019 and you should be able to express language freely and not have to worry.
    So in response, you're using that word with a negative context, thus implying that word is bad and negative. THAT is the point. You're using a word that describe a people, and using that word in a negative manner. Take the word itself out and look at
    the larger picture. This has happened with other words in the English language; a word that described a people, and used in a negative and derogatory manner. Even if not directed specifically at someone, or even at the people. This has happened many times,
    and it's the common place usage of this, and the not understanding how that can be hurtful to someone, that is insensitive, un-welcoming, and not inclusive.

    To the second, sure, in some countries you are protected for free speech from GOVERNMENT censorship. That has nothing to do with corporate censure. This is Microsoft's Xbox Live service, and they present Terms and Conditions, Codes of Conduct, and various
    other rules that are available online and are free to enforce their policies as they see fit. Microsoft is not the government, so there is no violation of free speech in them enforcing their rules.

    But again, you are free to make your case to the Enforcement Team. I am not a member of that team and cannot comment, review, or take action. These opinions are my own, and this is my personal expression, understanding, and interpretation.
  6. Sehjal Win User

    Xbox ban, Unfair ban

    agreed. its really annoying how no human verified it.

Xbox ban, Unfair ban

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