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Discus and support Xbox Ban in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I was playing xbox by myself on September 21, 2017 and when my friend got online he joined my party. That's when my xbox was telling me I was not... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by HeroOfTheDay96, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Xbox Ban

    I was playing xbox by myself on September 21, 2017 and when my friend got online he joined my party. That's when my xbox was telling me I was not allowed to communicate in any way or play any games online. I was not doing anything wrong and I want to know
    why this has happened. Please help.

    HeroOfTheDay96, Sep 21, 2017
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    It's not a permenant ban but those that have received a retail console early and connected it to the net have had it banned.

    Xbox One shipped early by Target, one user gets a temporary ban by Microsoft | VG247
    Indiana Jones, Sep 21, 2017
  3. alan280170
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  4. An Old Freak
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    Xbox Ban

    Have you checked the email associated with your Xbox account?
    An Old Freak, Sep 21, 2017
  5. GIRLDUBSTEP 13 Win User


    So I was recently banned on a different account. i have 2 accounts on my xbox 360 console my other account and this account. is it possible if i get an xbox one and login through this account and not get banned or will i get banned on the xbox one if i login
    with this account since it was on the xbox banned console i have when it got banned
  6. {Parity} Win User

    console bannie

    Maybe it is a game ban and not an XBOX live ban.
  7. M3tal Daz3 Win User

    Why was i banned theres no proof for the banning of my console I have proof if you want it :/

    Device bans are not issued lightly, and occur when a particular Xbox console or Xbox on Windows device is used to violate the Code of Conduct in an egregious or repeated manner. Once a device ban occurs, no account can connect to the Xbox Live service from
    the affected device. Given the severity of this action we take each device ban extremely seriously, and only take action after a lengthy investigation.

    Upon receiving a device ban, any account that attempts to sign in to the Xbox Live service will receive a notification. The specific content of the notification depends on the type of device that received the ban.

    Xbox One:

    “Your console is banned. This console has been banned for Terms of Use violations. To protect the Xbox service and its members, Microsoft does not provide details about specific console bans. For more information out console bans, visit”

    The grievous nature of the device ban doesn't allows for a file review at this moment. Please note that banning an Xbox console or Xbox on Windows device does not disrupt the underlying functionality of the device, and it can continue to be used offline
    following the ban.
  8. Miss Portia Win User

    Xbox Console Ban,

  9. MotrinXndXWater Win User


    You didn't get a message from Xbox stating the length of the ban? Is it just a Communications ban or an Account Ban?

Xbox Ban

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