Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

Discus and support Xbox Controller Future (elite and others) in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I have personally always thought Microsoft should offer a repair service for their controllers (after I found out this was not something they already... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by a27cd1, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    I have personally always thought Microsoft should offer a repair service for their controllers (after I found out this was not something they already offered). After reading through the forms, I found this to be a pretty hot button issue for some people.
    I can completely understand their issue with this problem and relate to it.

    I have an elite controller myself and I love it. From the moment I felt its weight in my hands I knew it was something I wouldn't regret purchasing. The versatility, flexibility, and short-cuts it offer is definitely beneficial whether you are a casual
    gamer or an professional on the rise. I personally have used my elite controller everyday since it came out and I have had zero issues with it (knock on wood). Though I have read where people have had issue, some of which are natural wear and tear, while others
    seem to be a defect such as the RB breaking.

    For me, my grips started to come off, which is no big deal as the controller functions the same regardless. But still, having spent over $150 dollars on the controller I thought it would be nice to have them done right. So I called to see if I could
    send it in only to find out that unless the controller is still under warranty (which mine wasn't) there is nothing they can do about it. I found this to be quite surprising as I would have gladly paid to get my controller fixed. But I ended up supergluing
    it the best I could as I am not going to spend another $150 bucks just to get my grips fixed.

    Regardless of my own circumstances and how my controller was still working despite its cosmetic flaws, the issue remains that a second elite controller is coming out (which I have been waiting for) and there is no repair service offered to this day. The
    market for unique controllers is definitely there and people don't expect these controllers to last forever. We all know the controller will have issues so when issues do arise on a controller you have spent over $150 dollars on, and the warranty is up, the
    solution should not be to forcer the user to fork out another $150+ bucks on a controller that is supposed to be quality.

    I found out that a lot of people purchase their elite controllers from Walmart or best buy where they can tack on an additional warranty (I think up to two years) where they can replace the controller should anything go wrong. Im sure Microsoft could
    make a decent amount of money should they offer a repair service as there are many gamers like myself who are willing to pay to get their gear fixed. Even if Microsoft just implements an additional cost for an extended warranty I would be willing to do that.

    My point for this post is that gaming is that gaming is changing and we are getting consoles and controllers that are more high tech than we have seen before. We are given options to purchase something basic or more powerful depending on what type of
    gamer you are and how much money you want to spend. Many people are willing to pay the extra money to purchase the better option but right now with those options the additional services to serve that particular class is just not there and is something I want
    to see come around. I also wonder if there are any users out there who use the elite controller to play games because they have to, maybe they have a disability and the elite controller offers a solution or them to game and having a repair service would really
    benefit them as well as others.

    If anyone wants to add on to the post whether it is a creative solution, suggestions, or your own story, just remember to keep it clean and nice! I understand this can be a touchy topic but if we get the problem out there and do it in a proper manner
    maybe it will raise awareness and help to create a solution.

    a27cd1, Aug 28, 2019
  2. a27cd1 Win User

    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    I agree, and the fact of the matter is there are people out there who would pass on the extended warranty offered (should Microsoft ever offer one). More than likely, as I have experienced with Microsoft products, the majority of the people who have a
    warranty probably wouldn't face any issues. But in the rare cases they do face them, the extra warranty would be very nice to have for those who opted to have it. I'd say it would be not only beneficial to the customer but profitable for the producer as well
    (not just in cost for the warranty but customer loyalty)
  3. a27cd1 Win User

    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    I have to agree, the series 2 look pretty amazing! its on my list for sure.
  4. xxxTIMBURYxxx Win User

    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    I've been saying this for awhile now. Microsoft should really implement an additional/extended warranty option on accessories. For a company who stands behind their product, this really shouldn't be an issue.

    This is the main reason I purchase my Controllers, Headsets, External Storage etc. from a local BestBuy. The additional $10(stock) or $25(Elite) for the 2yr Warranty/Replacement option is worth the investment, especially after dropping
    $200 on an Elite controller. I've personally been very lucky with accessories, as I've only had to actually USE the warranty ONCE over the last several years, but I always purchase the warranty regardless simply for the "piece of mind".
  5. mk4Y Win User

    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    I think you can buy an elite controller without any concern. I have my Elite since release without any issues and its a fantastic controller and has great haptics
  6. Bountyhunterxx5 Win User

    Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

    The right stick on my elite controller started to drift badly seemingly over night about a year after I got it. I went online to see if it was under warranty and of course it wasn't so I did some googling for a solution. I ran across a few tech channels
    that showed how to replace a faulty stick and so I got the tools and gave it a try myself. Unfortunately the solder used to hold the pins in has a very high melting temperature and the soldering iron I got could barely melt it. I ended up cutting the pins
    off and then using the iron to loosen the solder so I could painstakingly back all the pins out. I eventually did get it out and was able to easily solder the new one on. Surprisingly after putting the controller back together it still worked and is still
    working today.

Xbox Controller Future (elite and others)

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