Xbox elite controller broken. Microsoft seemingly don't care. I tried to contact "Xbox...

Discus and support Xbox elite controller broken. Microsoft seemingly don't care. I tried to contact "Xbox... in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I am very frustrated with Xbox at this moment, for reasons I will show you below. This is now my fourth attempt of trying to get some form of support... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by TPH1234567891011, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Xbox elite controller broken. Microsoft seemingly don't care. I tried to contact "Xbox...

    I am very frustrated with Xbox at this moment, for reasons I will show you below. This is now my fourth attempt of trying to get some form of support or help from Microsoft after I got no response three times from the terrible new "Xbox gamers" system of
    contacting support. Here is what I wrote (I have shortened it slightly as at the time I was very angry (I still am) and I needlessly rambled at some points. It is in a weird font as I sent it to myself on an email and copied and pasted it.):

    "This is now my
    fourth attempt of getting some kind of response from Microsoft support, as i received an email after the second attempt which says "Connect with a specialist", which on my phone leads me to a page that says "open in Whatsapp" but then says the
    file is not supported. I am now using my laptop this time and the message does not work on that either.

    I would like to ask for some support for an issue that has been annoying me for over a year now. First, the sticks on my Xbox elite controller seemed to not fully go in any direction, for example if you pointed LS forwards
    as much as you could, it would go a significantly amount slower than usual, meaning it would be harder to progress in games where you have to be able to make long jumps etc. And now, infuriatingly, the controller has completely stopped functioning. None of
    the buttons work and the microphone does not work. The controller stays on, but no buttons or anything work, so I have tried changing the batteries, which didn't work, so i tried holding the power button and unplugging the Xbox from the back, and then when
    you turn it back on, the microphone works for about 5 mins and then stops working. when you try and turn the controller off by holding the Xbox button on the controller and pressing "turn controller off" it doesn't work, so you have to turn the controller
    off by taking the batteries out, and then you are back to square one when you turn it back on, with none of the buttons working and the microphone not working. I have had a variety of issues in addition to this, including my Xbox overheating and turning off
    frequently on certain games, and long times waiting for games to "sync data" which can take long periods of time, such as the other night, when I would have liked to play Minecraft, even though my controller was broken and i was completely unable to chat to
    my friends, I still had my other controller which i have been using since the start of the problems with the elite controller, which is made by "rock candy", not an official Xbox controller (and has lasted longer than any official Xbox controllers at 1/3rd
    of the price, or should I say 1/5th of the price of my Xbox elite controller) so I tried to at least play a game of Minecraft even though there was no audio and i could not chat to my friends (And the controller kept unplugging since it has to be plugged in
    to work, making the experience 10x more infuriating and unplayable), however, I was continually met by a "syncing game data" screen, so I went to bed as i was literally unable to do anything I wanted to do. I couldn't chat to my friends, i could not listen
    to or hear anything as i was unable to use the microphone due to the controller being broke, I couldn't even load one of my Minecraft worlds and just play a game. Not to mention that I have also had countless issues with my Xbox, that has led to me and all
    of my friends I usually play with stop playing overall or play games a vast amount less due to frequent amount of issues that happen all of the time to the point where if one of us even suggests going on Xbox we instantly relate it to all of these continually
    occurring issues including my Xbox randomly overheating on certain games leading to it turning off no matter how open or confined the space the Xbox is in, leading to unsaved game data to instantly be lost. Another annoyance happened about 3 months after I
    initially bought my Xbox in July of 2015, it would not turn on so I had to send my Xbox back to get fixed, meaning I would again have to wait hours for all of my games to install, even though they were not digital downloads and are on physical discs, which,
    on every other console I know of before this new generation, including my Xbox 360, if you had a physical copy of a game, you would simply insert it into the console and it would work. Whenever it was Christmas you'd be able to play all of the games you got
    on the day. Now, you probably can't even play them all for the next 3-5 days, as you have to wait hours on end for them to install, which feels like a massive effort and a complete waste of time if you do not like the game. Sometimes, in the case of Halo 5,
    it took 11 hours to install, and not only that, when it installed, it did not work altogether. When I launch the game, it gives an error message, and weirdly, at around 10:00 or 11:00 PM it starts working, and then when you wake up the next morning it is back
    to square one, until it seemingly starts working again at the same time again and stops working again, or sometimes it does not work at all no matter what time it is. I did message Microsoft support for some help, but the response I got was something along
    the lines of telling me that because my account was a child account, it did not work, or something along the lines of that. Basically, it did not help in the slightest. But, since they got rid of the live chat system where you chatted to a Microsoft agent,
    you now have to (Attempt to) chat to "Xbox gamers" who I assume are not professional and the last time i tried to contact them (Before yesterday when I attempted to contact Microsoft twice, once where I waited well over 10-20 minutes for a response, when underneath
    my complaint/question, Microsoft profoundly claims "The last question took Xbox gamers a few seconds to answer". What a joke. It took so long that my phone actually ran out of charge. I tried a second time but then the screen had practically frozen. I received
    an email the next day, which I explained at the start of this question.) they did not really help and suggested that i just sent the controller back, rather than at least looking for a way I could fix the controllers at home. It's not like they weren't being
    polite, because they were, it is just the fact that the whole system is so confusing where you have to message several people at once. Not to mention that on my phone it was so hard to try and even message Xbox support because I kept getting referred back
    to the support forums. Is it not already clear why I clicked "contact us"? They could have just put in text under the contact options "Have you checked the support forums?" rather than actually blocking the contact options if you picked certain options, as
    it makes it a lot harder to contact you. There are plenty of other issues that I could have written but haven't, and I am just so annoyed and frustrated with Xbox, I am considering moving to Playstation, another console or just quitting gaming altogether because
    of all of these issues frequently occurring. Please, just help me to resolve, get rid of, avoid, get around or just do something to stop these issues!"

    In addition to all of this, my "rock candy" controller will now not turn on. So now I actually cannot play anything nor navigate anywhere on my xbox, or do anything besides turning it on or off. I am so sick
    of having so many issues that I just have to deal with whether I like it or not. They are just there. Microsoft does not care about any of them and gives (mostly) little to no help and as of recently,
    no help at all, as they did not look at my message until well after I left the chat with the "Xbox gamer". I don't know why I need to try so hard to get a response from Microsoft. I've spent hundreds on you! Do you not value your regularly paying customers?
    Just give a response! All I am asking is for a genuine non computer generated response, which should not be too much for the supposed experts at microsoft. It took nearly £300 to buy this xbox, in which since i have dealt with countless errors and issues like
    cheap (official xbox) headsets breaking left right and centre, "syncing data" screens, my entire xbox breaking, games not working but only working at certain times of day, abominable customer support and my elite controller stopping functioning completely.

    TPH1234567891011, Jul 29, 2019

Xbox elite controller broken. Microsoft seemingly don't care. I tried to contact "Xbox...

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