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Discus and support Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Well I somehow got hit with a 7 day ban for the EA Access Anthem exploit right after the patch that prevented this on Anthem. I would love to fully... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Kathetos, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    Well I somehow got hit with a 7 day ban for the EA Access Anthem exploit right after the patch that prevented this on Anthem. I would love to fully accept it and deal with it but I have friends and people from LFG that did the same exact thing and are literally
    playing this very moment so I'm not entirely sure what flagged my account differently whether it would be automated or human review.

    Sure you can say I deserve this and I would say fair enough but am I the only one who deserves this? My enforcement review was shot down pretty fast with an automated response and kinda expected it, there's not many stories of them reversing it.

    My only other issue that doesn't sit right is that I have the no multiplayer restriction until next Wednesday. It seems like I can still access specific games even when their always online such as destiny and division I just cant matchmake, fair enough.
    So I have a shred of hope that I can at least get into Anthem that I purchased last year in June and be restricted to private mission sessions. I click A at the menu and the prompt that would normally appear when trying to matchmake in other similar games
    shows up before I can even get past the main menu. I understand this is an always online game but it does have a campaign aspect to it.

    I'm not sure if this is a developer choice or Enforcement just hasn't got around to specifying what you can and cant do in Anthem with this restriction. Both of these scenarios combined sting a lot and I can't help but feel targeted. If this cant pull enough
    traction then so be it I'll still bleed green forever and survive until next Wednesday.

    Kathetos, Feb 25, 2019
  2. Kathetos Win User

    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    It is indeed fully warranted but only to certain people who may have been reported, not to everyone who took part in the same exploit.
  3. Kathetos Win User

    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    It just feels more along the lines of you've already jumped off that cliff and someone just felt like reporting even though it has zero effect on them and now after that report your punishment is a terrible afterlife. Strange analogy I know hopefully that
    doesn't offend anyone but you can see the power your giving to reporting and the pick and choose system it ends up with.

    So with a system like this and a digital library why shouldn't I go completely dark on my account to preserve my purchases, there are too many chances.

    If I broadcast something that I believed wouldn't get me banned and in this scenario it seems I actually wouldn't of if someone had just kept to themselves I would be playing the game I purchased months ago and not having hurt a single soul. I just feel
    like Xbox Enforcement can't keep this middle ground when we know they have the data (accounts signed onto what consoles and purchase and refund history in this case) and only take action on only those who were reported. It sounds messy but it's flawed. I think
    it's gotta be one way or the other for the betterment of the system. If your going to crackdown on someone for a rule they break it needs to be enforced for everyone especially when the data is in plan sight, unless we all accepted different Codes of Conducts.
  4. Koods Win User

    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    The argument that others are doing it without being punished is countered by the lemming argument, if everyone was jumping off a cliff you wouldn't do it because it's got bad consequences, they just happen to have either not been reported yet or not been
    caught yet.

    As for enforcement actions & digital games, this is where I get a little wary, if you get permanently banned it is entirely possible that you could lose access to those games - much better to keep a clean nose obviously so as that doesn't come into play.
    Disc copies though have no such potential restrictions beyond on that account, which is one of the reasons I tend to prefer them (as a Scotsman I prefer the fact they're cheaper in most cases too!). The advice here though really is simple, you're in time
    out for 7 days, you've accepted that fate much better than most do, use that time to refresh your understanding of the code of conduct & avoid it happening again as enforcement decisions can wind up with incremental sanctions!
  5. Kathetos Win User

    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    Well I'm running out of juice here and just wanted to clarify that I would literally need to buy the game again in order to play it right now because of my decision to go digital. As for the emphasis on reporting and the absolute power it has I feel like
    I have no choice but to go dark on my account in order to keep my online library for future use. It sucks and maybe I'm being paranoid blocking 90% of my list but that thousands of dollars I've spent isn't worth some of the friendships I've made. It's scary
    to even have to question your closest friends because one of them maybe felt it would be funny to report. I'm afraid "just don't over do it" and you can play your game next week isn't gonna cut for me with all of the possibilities. Again thanks to everyone
    who replied and enlightened me! Hopefully something about Xbox Enforcement can be done for the little loopholes it may have.
  6. choppyseize Win User

    Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

    Keep in mind that bans or suspensions can happen weeks after the fact. Which means there are still people that could receive a punishment in the next day or week.

Xbox Enforcement On Certain Games

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