Xbox enforcement Team is a Joke

Discus and support Xbox enforcement Team is a Joke in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; eNFoRCeMeT team is a joke. You allow LFG for all players. By allowing only what each play wants. You then allow under aged kids. The ones denied... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by KiNG MaSToDoN, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Xbox enforcement Team is a Joke

    eNFoRCeMeT team is a joke. You allow LFG for all players. By allowing only what each play wants. You then allow under aged kids. The ones denied access to cursing and profanity to report players. And then suspend accounts based on what a child that doesn't
    pay bills says. To me this is gross misconduct.. on the Xbox and Microsoft's side. See. I called xbl customer support and on a recorded phone call I had a representative clearly state. That the internet isn't the United States. Wtf is that supposed to mean?
    Let me educate you microsoft which is an American based company in Washington state. Seattle to be precise.. As an American citizen.. I am allowed freedom of speech. As a disabled individual. Mentally. I have been diagnosed with CoMPuLSiVe disorder. By a
    M.D.. or medical doctor. I also recently have a report from said doctor that my Xbox is actually therapeutic to my bettering myself. Yet. Here we stand not even 8 months later suspended again.
    You clearly state that you want proof. Well I have taken plenty of pictures and audio Recordings of snowflakes admitting to falsely reporting me.. but hey guess what. Your Xbox enforcement Team only consist of a computer algerythum with absolutely no one
    to reach..

    May I say that was your first mistake. Relying on a computer to do your dirty work..

    You should know what the A.D.A is.. It's the American disability act.. I also would like to let you know. All 237 calls to 8004myxbox. Have been recorded.. It's beyond me as to why you would hire anyone that isn't comprehensive on the telephone......

    I have a few tricks up my sleeve yet. Keep messing with my account.. I'm sure my pay out from microsoft Corp. In the future will be no less than. 7.5 million..

    I pay my service fees on time and am also forced to agree to your rules and regulations. If i want to play online.. see i pay my internet bill. There is no controlling my INTERNET.. just your services..

    YOUR policies will soon be changed. . . . .

    Remember one thing Microsoft. 8m not a gay fighting for rights. I'm not a liberal demanding a civil war over the last civil war. No.. I am an American citizen with Constitutional rights that are being infringed upon by Corperate America which has a name..
    MICROSOFT CORPERATION.. YOYR NOT BEYOND the law microsoft. Maybe take the time and call me

    Mr. CEO of Microsoft.. or are you to scared of change.

    You have been called out..

    P.s. I get why the rules are in place.. By to know you allow 9 and 10 year olds to play on your systems.. games like GTA5 or saints row really microsoft. The ban us for cussing or freedom of speech. Wow.. incredible how you don't put an age limit on consoles
    but you give minor children the access to every sexual content and curse word in the book then suspend a 35 year old grown man. For not allowing people under 21yoa into a private party. Then you claim that xbl isn't rated by the esrb. Then you take indefinite
    action. Backwards and messed up. I been a loyal customer of Microsoft for 20 total years. Yet 8m just a dollar bill to you..

    If you didn't read nor understand this.. Then don't bother responding.. trolls are not welcome.

    KiNG MaSToDoN, Oct 6, 2017
  2. Daft Badger
    Daft Badger Guest
    Enforcement team is a joke

    They investigate any report thoroughly before handing out a suspension.

    You don't get banned for no reason.

    If you want to file for a case review then you need to go to the enforcement site

    If this isn't your first suspension you may want to read the code of conduct as well.
    Daft Badger, Oct 6, 2017
  3. Enforcement team is a joke

    communication banned again for no reason. FOR 3 WEEKS. I'm sick and tired of the enforcement team not looking in to matters properly. Clearly they don't understand what they are doing. So you are going to suspend communications of everyone who offends a
    12 year old ? Wish I could speak My mind directly to an enforcement team member.
    I Souvenirs I, Oct 6, 2017
  4. Daft Badger
    Daft Badger Guest

    Xbox enforcement Team is a Joke

    You do not have freedom of speech on xbox live.

    There's a set of rules you agreed to follow & you also agreed that if you were caught breaking those rules you would be punished.

    Age ratings only mean that a person under that age can not buy the game,does not mean they can not play the game & age ratings do not apply to the online side,something every game tells you.

    Everything you do on xbox live must be rated E for everyone.

    Any report filed is investigated by a person,it is not automated
    Daft Badger, Oct 6, 2017
  5. ngocphi
    ngocphi Guest
    also should be noted you should read what you are quoting op

    Freedom of speech does not allow you to harm others or infringe on others rights in doing so that's private authority clause

    This is why work places and home owners can kick you out of their places along with private networks

    Freedom of speech is only for public forums and for not allowing congress to stop you not private citizens

    If you read the text of the freedom of speech you would know that
    ngocphi, Oct 7, 2017
  6. ngocphi
    ngocphi Guest
    YYou can join the other emo kid who has disability too

    It doesn't matter

    You are equal in front of the law and the terms of use

    And freedom of speech

    Read the freedom of speech your lawyer will shock you how wrong you are
    ngocphi, Oct 7, 2017
  7. ngocphi
    ngocphi Guest
    IIt doesn't matter what support says they have no say in enforcement matters

    Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction

    Legal systems sometimes recognize certain limits on the freedom of speech, particularly when freedom of speech conflicts with other rights and freedoms, such as in the cases of libel, slander, pornography, obscenity, fighting
    , and intellectual property. Obscenity is not a protected right you should actually get that right

    Also should be noted recorded conversations without two person consent is a violation of the law
    ngocphi, Nov 1, 2018
  8. Mister Mascot Win User

    enforcement team joke

    Hey there zX MITCHELL Zz1,

    The Enforcement teams don't use the forums at all and only communicate through a

    Case Review
    . 24 Hour communications suspensions and Console Suspensions are not reviewable, however you can find more information in these cases through the communication sent by the teams to the email address associated with your Xbox Live Gamertag. Remember
    that all suspensions are only enforced when a breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service has happened.

    One of the common myths is that people who report another user for no reason will see that person suspended. This is not the case and in fact is subject to action as well for false reports which you can find more information about Enforcement Myths HERE.

    If you believe the suspension was in error and if you're eligible, you can submit a case review using the steps

    , however sometimes you're asked to complete a short questionnaire before you can submit a case review. All of the questions refer to the

    Code of Conduct
    , which you should review prior to filing the review. If you fail on the questionnaire during the Case Review, don't worry as you'll be given another chance in 24 hours.


    Xbox Forums Staff

    Be sure to check out the Xbox Forum Guidelines for the Do's and Don'ts as well as the Xbox
    Insider Program Forums
    for help with Xbox Insider Program troubleshooting. Achievement issues? Check our sticky

    for the best info.
  9. Cpt C1int Win User

    Enforcement team ..... Jokes

    Of course you would say that there is nothing to fix your a ambassador for Xbox live you've probably never said a cussword on Xbox live ever. I realized after this ban that people with thick skin is hard to come by these days their
    quick to deal out the trash talk but not grown enough to handle it and will report you when stuff doesn't go their way........ Don't dish it out if you can't take it.
  10. Deadly Viper X Win User

    Enforcement team is a joke

    PlayStation has similar rules they just don't enforce them as pathetic as Microsoft does. Im done with Xbox One. PC master race/ps4 pro thank you very much. My xbox one can get someone else suspended pathetically THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  11. rh3trc Win User

    enforcement team are a joke

    I cant imagine,, the baggins is no fun. This I know.., but to be stuck in a close quarter matchup with a band of misfits catcalling instead of playing the objective, the game, and using the construct as their personal living room hang spot, gets pretty annoying.
    Music helps, A Lot.., keeping an eye on the teammates so you don't stick your neck too far ahead when they lolligag high-fiving in the background, like they've just learned how.., getting killed doing what you were there to do. Maybe those particular games
    you play have a way to mute the voice chat, at least I hope they all do. I know its rough enough to have naive clearing of throats and fumbling endlessly the headset/mic about loudly in my ear with little/to-no volume control from the game voip system to
    access. Music on another device as well, to free up interference with gaming functions and likely to be less of a distraction. Gotta love it when those annoying same sound songs, Krewella, that continue to play because of lack of UI to a "never play anything
    from this artist ever again, mmkay" option.

    Tough it out, learn where they are failing. I'm still trying to find the sweet time spots to not get the herd of juvenile rush and die gamer, all to respawn and do again. Sometimes late at night, when all is quiet, a masterful game matchmake in rNG heaven
    can be found in which teammates perform in sheer synchronicity with barely a spat from a vgs about GG, etc.


    ps, careful with those bans, i've known one to lose everything and no possible way to access any thing he had worked, likely, thousands of hours to obtain and claim.
  12. N O IL EN Win User

    enforcement team are a joke

    I think it's obvious that microsoft doesn't want anymore money form you. cancel your xboxlive account as I am.

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