Xbox error code

Discus and support Xbox error code in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; What is error code 0x90072ee7? a9a7b8fe-21c2-4627-940d-5d0ea308407f Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by matrioshkas, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. matrioshkas
    matrioshkas Guest

    Xbox error code

    What is error code 0x90072ee7?

    matrioshkas, Apr 30, 2019
  2. RazGerb Win User

    Fifteen Dollars lost, don't have my Map Pack.

    I don't remember exactly the error code but it started with 801 and error occurred. I will try to contact Phone Support as soon as I can but I will try what Xbox Support said to me on Twitter as well.

    I looked over the error codes and I limited to the ones I think it was.

    I can't pinpoint the exact one since they are all similar.

    (My payment option did work, it was paid through my Microsoft Account)

    Error 80190864

    Error 80190848

    Error 807B01F4

    Error code 80153016

    Error 80153410

    Error 801650c8

    Error 80169d94

    Error 8C010003
  3. Lurcharad Win User

    Error code 80072746

    That error code is related to problems in downloading the Xbox system update. Here is the Xbox support page that gives multiple solutions to solving the error code;

  4. onyxishere Win User

    Error Codes: 8015D002 and 8015D003

  5. Toxic Raven Win User

    Error code 80072ef3.

    @RYDAxINFERNO, this thread is pretty old. Please create a new thread detailing your problems. Remember to include any error messages and codes. The above error code is actually an Xbox 360 error code, not an Xbox One error code.
  6. onyxishere Win User

    Can't download update


Xbox error code

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