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Discus and support Xbox Gamertag Event in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Hi everyone. I was wondering when the next inactive gamertag event would be. My son really wants a “rare” gamertag and he says that lays event happened... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Hudson2222, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Xbox Gamertag Event

    Hi everyone. I was wondering when the next inactive gamertag event would be. My son really wants a “rare” gamertag and he says that lays event happened in 2016. I was wondering if an event for this situation might be coming up. Thanks for all of your help.

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    /u/Hudson2222, Aug 2, 2019
  2. XBF SC Tahoa Win User

    Watched the Mixer stream (Sea of Thieves first look at Forsaken Shores) but I did not receive the MixPot promotion (the Huntress figurehead).

    Hello JongleurStones,

    We were able to determined that you are not eligible for the rewards because you created your Mixer account pass the date of the event. The event started on 8/21/18 and in order to be eligible for the mixpot you must have a gamertag and a Mixer account created
    before the event that's attached to the gamertag.

    Thank you for posting!
  3. RomyBolognaPony Win User

    What has happened to this forum & GOW3 Launch Party?

    so is it a free for all type event? Or do I have to provide my gamertag? Apologies in advance if it seems silly - but I have never been invited to an industry event before.
  4. NorthernZoot Win User

    How to meet gamers in my area?

    I've met a few people from my friends list online. A great way is if you're able to attend events based on similar interests. The Xbox Community has plenty of "real world" events that take place. Not to mention, the more wider-known events like Comic
    Cons and PAX. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few members of the community at events like X13, or game-specific events and launch parties.

    While some of these events are harder to attend due to cost and exclusivity, the basic idea is the same. Get out there and meet people. While it's not wise to just walk up to strangers on the street and say "Hey, do you play Xbox?", it's perfectly fine to meet
    new people at gaming related events and swap gamertags if you hit it off.
  5. ThorX360 Win User

    Wrong gamertag accompaning email for microsoft account.

  6. Aftrthought051 Win User

    GoW3 with the Dads of DHO

    We will be playing tonight. Hope to see some of y'all there. You can go to the "game marketplace" on the dash, and then over to "social" to view the event and the listed gamertags that you can send friend request to. You can also view the event here on under the "social" tab, and then down to "events". Cole Train runs on whole grains, baby.

Xbox Gamertag Event

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