Xbox gamertag filters should be updated

Discus and support Xbox gamertag filters should be updated in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I wanted to post this as a comment in the big post about the last gamertag update but it won't let me. Short story: I'm a returning xbox player and... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Obstiknight, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Xbox gamertag filters should be updated

    I wanted to post this as a comment in the big post about the last gamertag update but it won't let me. Short story: I'm a returning xbox player and want to change my gamertag but I can't since the one I want is not allowed despite having nothing offensive in it. I even contacted MS support and they stated the same thing, coming up to the conclusion that the problem should be in the filters used by the gamertag feature. I highly doubt that this problem will be looked at just for me but I still posted this to let you know, hoping that one day this not so vital issue will be resolved.

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    /u/Obstiknight, Jun 20, 2021
  2. Internet Expert Win User

    Impossible to access purchase history

    If you're signed into the same Microsoft/Xbox account (registered to your gamertag) that purchased the games, they should appear on that page.

    If you don't see anything, you'll probably need to adjust the filters (found under the words "Order History"). Adjust the filter to show "All" and the date range from "Past 3 months" to "All Available".
  3. Lady Nataleigh Win User

    New account name

    Xbox's gamertag filter can be a tad bit extreme when it comes to what is and isn't allowed. So what you may find to be okay, the filter will not.
  4. Lady Nataleigh Win User

    Gamer tag

    That means that the gamertag you're trying to use tripped one of the filters, meaning it can't be used at all (Their gamertag filters are a tad bit strict).
  5. II EYEBALL II Win User

    Battlefield premium problem

    Try going in your server browser and filtering for Close quarters maps,Should be there with the latest update.
  6. ThisGameIsSucky Win User

    Gamertag banned words

    The most likely scenario is that that Gamertag is already in use but, as per the new Gamertag update you should be able to also have it with the advent of having a # and randomly assigned numbers in a smaller-ish font next to your name. If that's not the
    case, I checked for you and did find someone with 'Crybaby' as their Gamertag, then it could actually be considered offensive due to it technically being an insult.

    As for your friend, because the Gamertag uses a 'unique' spelling to bypass the profanity filter... the only way for it to technically be pulled for being offensive/profanity would be if someone put two and two together and reported it.

    You should check this link out for more information about the 'new' Gametag update.

Xbox gamertag filters should be updated

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