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Discus and support Xbox gold in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; When trying to buy/download a xbox gold free play game it says I need to upgrade to ultimate to get it when I already have both, and when trying to... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by ChrisS3), May 2, 2021.

  1. ChrisS3)
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    Xbox gold

    When trying to buy/download a xbox gold free play game it says I need to upgrade to ultimate to get it when I already have both, and when trying to find it in the store it says I need to buy gold when I already have it. I’ll go into gold in the store and it’ll just say manage subscription. How can I fix this?

    ChrisS3), May 2, 2021
  2. Senpai Soul Win User


    You make the account with gold the other person home with the Xbox with no gold on it

    Account with gold add it to xbox without a gold account make gold account home on that xbox pretty much it they get games and gold on both accounts afterwards
  3. Richard Sticky Win User

    trying to share my gold and it wont work

    1. Sign into your Xbox that you intend to use the Non-Gold profile with and set to the Home Xbox.

    2. Sign into your other Non-home Xbox with your Gold Account.

    The idea is that the console that you use non gold profiles on should be set to the home Xbox. This way you can sign into any other Xbox with the gold account and access gold while the other non gold profiles access gold from the home Xbox.
  4. EggsBoxJuan Win User

    xbox live transfering to xbox one?


    If you are an Xbox Live Gold member today, you are already set for Xbox One. Your Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox 360 will seamlessly become an Xbox Live Gold account on your Xbox One and you will be able to enjoy Xbox Live Gold features on either console.
    You can even be logged in to Xbox 360 and Xbox One at the same time. Home Gold benefits are exclusively for Xbox One.
  5. xXRachieeXx1993 Win User

    Only one account is able to access XBL.


    To ensure that all accounts on the Xbox are able to access Gold, please ensure that your account associated with the Xbox Live Gold membership is the account that has the xbox set to "My home xbox", this will then have it set as gold for the entire xbox.
    If another account is set as the home xbox, it will require the account with gold to be signed in for others to access the gold subscription.

  6. Capitain Gonzo Win User

    Why don’t you give us any good games with gold Xbox?

    Games with Gold is an on top option to Xbox Live Gold and also a successful change to the game pass. Don't forget that the XBOX 360 Games With Gold Games are a gift to you that are yours even without Xbox Live Gold

Xbox gold

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