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Discus and support xbox hacking risks in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi everyone. I'm a relatively new xbox one owner. I subscribed to live gold hoping to enjoy the 'free' monthly (360) games with friends so I wouldn't... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Charlesabcdefg, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. xbox hacking risks

    Hi everyone. I'm a relatively new xbox one owner. I subscribed to live gold hoping to enjoy the 'free' monthly (360) games with friends so I wouldn't need to worry about a game pass. Unfortunately, it's not happening. From the beginning, I've been unable
    to download even one 'free' (360) game due to the strange requirement for a payment method. I've read a lot about xbox accounts being hacked, and because of that, I don't want to enter my card info. I understand I can remove it later, but I don't want to risk
    it. MasterCard/Visa gift cards aren't allowed, as you probably already know. Prepaid cards charge a monthly fee to spend your own money, and some of them want your social security number to activate. Even when trying to set Paypal as my payment method, I was
    surprised to see that Microsoft wants my personal Paypal login information rather than directing me back to Paypal's website to log in there, like other merchants do. So how do you all do this? Have you experienced problems? Is there another option I'm missing?
    I do see an option to redeem codes for games, which would allow me to download without entering payment information, and I asked Microsoft about that, but they wouldn't give me even one code to download even one 'free' game. Suggestions? I appreciate your

    Charlesabcdefg, Aug 15, 2019
  2. AngelObullets Win User

    xbox hacking risks

    Hi there Charlesabcdefg

    If you are concerned and don't want to enter card or paypal ect you can always try using gift cards instead from retaillers for xbox balance gold and even gamespass .
  3. Smwutches Win User

    xbox hacking risks

    Unfortunately the only other option would be to use a 360 console which is what I do. The One/website have never been updated to see your Microsoft account balance as a valid payment option for backwards compatible content which would normally be the alternative
    to credit cards or Paypal.
  4. Charlesabcdefg Win User

    xbox hacking risks

    Thanks for all the replies from everyone! Now my MasterCard gift card works! Strange that the same gift card wasn't accepted before with a random address (which I used since it's not 'my' card) but it does work now with my actual address. Good news for
    anyone else who doesn't want to risk bank card or paypal info. Stranger still that official Microsoft and xbox support reps I spoke to already couldn't figure this out, and both told me my gift card wouldn't work or I had to do something else. I'll come here
    first next time. You guys and girls are awesome!
  5. RandyAU93 Win User

    xbox hacking risks

    From my own experience, I linked my credit card and never had problems, regarding the strange games asking you for the card, does this occur when you go downloading? If the problem is linking a credit card has no problems, the biggest problem is
    that you give your account password to someone else.
    In order to "purchase" free Xbox 360 content on Xbox One, the user must have an attached payment method on their console. This requirement is waived when the user is claiming the content on an actual Xbox 360. It's the same as claiming a free Xbox 360 Games
    With Gold title via the website store, actually.
  6. RandyAU93 Win User

    xbox hacking risks

    I have my Microsoft account completely locked down, both with a strong password and with multi-factor authorization. Actual "hacks" of Microsoft accounts are pretty rare, if they occur at all. More commonly, users were phished out of their e-mail addresses
    and passwords with promises of a free something-or-other, or they willingly gave their account details to someone else to get access to a game without paying for it.

    So, if you're a common-sense computer user who knows when things are too good to be true and who knows not to share such personal information, I would rest assured that your account details are very safe.

xbox hacking risks

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