Xbox is broken

Discus and support Xbox is broken in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; When i turn on my xbox it wont load the screen and it makes weird noises. If i send it back i get a comparable console back. My console is 3/4 years... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by NicoWdr, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. NicoWdr
    NicoWdr Guest

    Xbox is broken

    When i turn on my xbox it wont load the screen and it makes weird noises. If i send it back i get a comparable console back. My console is 3/4 years old so does this mean i get an console in return that is also 3/4 years old?

    Because if I do it means the console i get in return will problably get broken in 2 years as well and i think its a waste of my money to get a comparable one back. Can anybody help me with these questions? Thanks alot

    NicoWdr, Oct 5, 2018
    Xbox is broke

    I used to have fun competitive fun, and for no reason I GET SUSPENDED for 3 weeks I see others over competitive and swearing on Xbox and just because I had to much fun on winning 1 person contacted Microsoft and they took his work and didn't even bother
    to have an instigation or nothing things need to change for Xbox personal, I also contacted Microsoft and got a slap in the face, Hey Microsoft instead of picking on me do your Job and start banning hackers and madders. please get you priority straight.

    p.s selling console buying ps4
    PANDAHOLE, Oct 5, 2018
  3. Mister Cizl
    Mister Cizl Guest
    Xbox is broken...?

    Hey TwiiZ DynasTii! There was an issue with Xbox Live that has now been resolved, are you still having issues? Post back and let me know!


    Xbox Forums Staff

    Be sure to check out the Xbox Forum Guidelines for the Do's and Don'ts as well as the Xbox Insider
    Program Forums
    for help with Xbox Insider Program troubleshooting.
    Mister Cizl, Oct 5, 2018
  4. Kelemvor79
    Kelemvor79 Guest

    Xbox is broken

    Kelemvor79, Oct 5, 2018
  5. Hey there Nico!

    Sorry to hear that you're having problems with the console.

    Now, usually when you do send your console for repair, they'll fix the console that you have and only exchange it for another if the hardware problems are too severe for them to get it handled. You can get a repair done at our

    Device Support page
    or by contacting
    Xbox Support
    and having an agent help with that.

    If it does get exchanged, I don't believe that it would be exchanged for one exactly the same age but it will be a similar model of console (like, if you had the X and you sent it in, you'd get another X]

    When you get the order created and your console back, it'll also have 90 days more of warranty applied to it in case something else happens.

    Hope that helped clarify what you were asking

    Let us know how that goes

    XBF Esteban R, Nov 5, 2018
  6. BigBubbaTubba Win User

    2 Xbox ones in same network - no chat

    Was going to buy a !00.00 pare of XBOX One Headphones, but NOT now! Chat is BROKEN BROKEN BROKEN.
  7. oczy pl Win User

    Connecting using router: Error IP, MAC, DHCP, Forwarding... all tried

    agent from xbox center said, that xbox cant be broken becouse it cant broke in parts. if something is broken it will be all broken so internet card of my xbox can't be broken [it was connected for 3 minutes one week ago and send to xbox info about my points,
    last games played]
  8. mhuff119 Win User

    Xbox One error code: 0x87c400001

    Its not broken. The Xbox one friends app is broken they are working on a fix now ... supposedly
  9. Jason Griffith Win User

    Why every xboxone comes with kinect-Battlefield 4 will include Kinect functionality on Xbox One

    @RippenHarra how is the Xbox One supposed to detect a broken Kinect if it's broken? Do broken things work in your universe? use it.
  10. TomatoPie Win User

    Do we need this enforcement team? I mean really?

    Xbox enforcement is broken

Xbox is broken

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