Xbox issue with account

Discus and support Xbox issue with account in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; Xbox issue with account Remove the accounts and then add one first to see how things go f32d7034-08fc-47fb-b55a-9341e6ad5b1a Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by Tzadik, Feb 12, 2019 at 7:08 AM.

  1. Tzadik
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    Xbox issue with account

    Xbox issue with account
    Remove the accounts and then add one first to see how things go

  2. marshalowens Win User

    Xbox account issue

    When 8s this problem going to be fixed so you guys can get the next problem figured out?
  3. DrifterX22 Win User

    xbox account issues

    If you do not know you are in the preview program then you are not in the preview program. It is something you have to request to participate in.
  4. XBF Diego M Win User

    xbox account issues

    Hi there!

    You first need to have the Xbox Insider Hub app downloaded from the Microsoft Store before you can report a problem to the insider team.

    If you're not too familiar with the app or program than more than likely your Xbox is not enrolled in the program since you need to have the Xbox Insider Hub app downloaded to join the program. If you want to see if you are enrolled or not follow these steps:

    1. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC.
    2. On the main landing page, select Settings.
    3. Select Manage devices and choose the one you want to remove from the program.
    4. Select Done.

    If you don't see any devices then your Xbox is not enrolled. If you see your Xbox listed and are enrolled, hold down the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the power menu. You should see "Turn off console", "Turn off controller", and "Report a problem".
    Select report a problem and the Xbox Insider Hub will open to the page where you can describe the issue and submit a report.

    Would you mind explaining what error you get when trying to add a custom picture and what method are you using to change the gamer pic?

    Also what error do you get when trying to view clips on Xbox Live?
  5. YesImSniperOnly Win User

    Xbox Account Issue

    What if an account has been banned. How long will it be before its deleted so the gamertag can be used again. Its really stupid. No one can have a good gamertag without random X's and numbers because all the good ones or originals have been banned or used
    by someone who doesnt play anymore or hasnt in years.
  6. Smwutches Win User

    Xbox Account Issue

    At some point Microsoft will probably release them like they did with original Xbox accounts, but otherwise no. Keep in mind that even if the accounts aren't being used on a console they may be in use on another Microsoft service.

Xbox issue with account

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