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Discus and support Xbox live gold in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Hej! Jag heter Emma och har haft xbox one i snart 2 eller 3 år. Jag har aldrig haft problem med xbox live innan. Men idag gick mitt live ut, då jag och... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by EmmaAndersson3, Apr 14, 2020.

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    Hej! Jag heter Emma och har haft xbox one i snart 2 eller 3 år. Jag har aldrig haft problem med xbox live innan. Men idag gick mitt live ut, då jag och min pappa försökte köpa på nytt. Han köpte 12 månader från nätet, och det funkade ett tag, 2 timmar senare
    skulle jag gå in på fortnite (som kräver xbox live gold) och då står det att jag inte har xbox live. Jag tänkte ju liksom ”det funkade ju förut?” Så jag provade att starta om xboxet men det hjälpte inte. Vet inte om det kan vara något att min pappa tog bort
    hans betalningsmetod från mitt konto och att det kan ha krånglat därifrån. Har någon tips på vad problemet kan vara? // Emma.

    -[Translation - Hey! My name is Emma and I have had xbox one for almost 2 or 3 years.
    I've never had problems with xbox live before.
    But today my live went out, when my dad and I tried to buy again.
    He bought 12 months off the net, and it worked for a while, 2 hours later I would go into fortnite (which requires xbox live gold) and then it says I don't have xbox live.
    I thought, like "did it work before?"
    So I tried to restart the xbox but it didn't help.
    Don't know if it may be something that my dad removed his payment method from my account and that it may have fussed from there.
    Have any tips on what the problem might be?
    // Emma.]

    EmmaAndersson3, Apr 14, 2020
  2. SLB4EVERPT Win User

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    If you mean xbox live gold yes....because xbox live is the xbox online service platform and xbox live gold is the subscription, and non gold subscribers are still connected to xbox live always.
  3. EggsBoxJuan Win User

    xbox live transfering to xbox one?


    If you are an Xbox Live Gold member today, you are already set for Xbox One. Your Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox 360 will seamlessly become an Xbox Live Gold account on your Xbox One and you will be able to enjoy Xbox Live Gold features on either console.
    You can even be logged in to Xbox 360 and Xbox One at the same time. Home Gold benefits are exclusively for Xbox One.
  4. DarkStar8699 Win User

    Xbox LIVE Rewards System?????

    Xbox LIVE Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards members for renewing their Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions, playing games, engaging with Xbox LIVE features, making purchases from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace etc... and a gold member does mean a xbox live gold
  5. XBF Leo G Win User

    Xbox Live Gold Trial?

    Hello Akira,

    Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. We understand that you are interested in utilizing an

    Xbox Live Gold free trial
    . The Xbox Live Gold free trial is offered through some games or console bundles. Keep in mind, you can't add an Xbox Live Gold trial if you already have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. If your account is unable to utilize the Xbox
    Live Gold free trial, we suggest purchasing Xbox Live Gold in order to utilize online features or Games With Gold. We hope this helps!
  6. XBF Ezra G Win User

    Xbox one s digital

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for your post. To play any multiplayer game over Xbox Live, you much have an Xbox Profile with an active Xbox Live Gold Subscription. For more information on what comes with Xbox Live Gold, check out this article:
    Xbox Live Gold - Features.

    I hope this helps.

Xbox live gold

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