Xbox live issue

Discus and support Xbox live issue in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; Xbox live issue also has anyone changed any setting in the router lately the 360 wifi card is probably runnig on G or N if your lucky some routers have... Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by DJLucius93, May 9, 2019.

  1. DJLucius93
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    Xbox live issue

    Xbox live issue
    also has anyone changed any setting in the router lately the 360 wifi card is probably runnig on G or N if your lucky some routers have the optoin to set older formats to a 2nd tier priority automatically or if the routers firmware is set to auto update
    this is check by default alot

    DJLucius93, May 9, 2019
  2. Arminator Win User

    Xbox online status

  3. jca2323 Win User

    I can't connect to Xbox live now but did a few hours a ago

    The xbox live service is currently experiencing issues right now. These issues are affecting signing in to xbox live.
  4. WPAK Win User

    Cannot connect to Xbox Live with my laptop plugged in

    Hi, I think there was a Xbox Live service issue, that some users may experience issues connecting to Live. I guess you were one of them.

    If you have issues again, you can look via the following link if there are any issues with the Xbox Live service:
  5. Heinz 57 Gamer Win User

    100% Packet Loss

    Same issue with 100% packet loss, I have tried all the possible solutions and no resolution to the issue. I believe the issue is on the Xbox Live end because my Internet speeds exceed all thats is necessary to connect to Xbox Live. Microsoft needs to stabilize
    Xbox Live in general, there have been too many issues with Xbox Live lately.
  6. mag sithlord008 Win User

    Can not connect to xbox live

    Okay, if you can’t connect to LIVE, or if you’re getting disconnected while playing there are the first basic steps you’ll need to take to get on LIVE. There is a step-by-step troubleshooter for Top Issues with Xbox LIVE, and this particular issue seems
    to fall into this category. Please go to the following link will take you to the support page:

    Home > Support > Xbox LIVE > Troubleshoot > Top Issues with Xbox LIVE

    Xbox LIVE Connection issues

    I can’t connect to Xbox LIVE.

    I get a NAT warning when I test my Xbox LIVE connection.

    Which network ports do I need to open for Xbox LIVE?

    For more connection related issues there's a Main Post on the following link:

    Forums Home » Xbox Forums » Xbox Support » 02 - Connecting to Xbox LIVE » START HERE: I can’t connect to (or I’m being disconnected from) Xbox LIVE

Xbox live issue

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