Xbox Live Reputation "Avoid Me" and the Garbage that is "Enforcement ...

Discus and support Xbox Live Reputation "Avoid Me" and the Garbage that is "Enforcement ... in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I'm sorry but I must say that this "Enforcement" group that has been created is a complete joke. Now hear me out. I understand what the intended... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Spartty69, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Spartty69
    Spartty69 Guest

    Xbox Live Reputation "Avoid Me" and the Garbage that is "Enforcement ...

    I'm sorry but I must say that this "Enforcement" group that has been created is a complete joke. Now hear me out. I understand what the intended purpose of this group is and I do agree with what they stand for, but how they go about collecting their data
    has to be the biggest pile of rubbish ever.

    My main gripe comes as a result of my favorite game Call of Duty. This is the main game I play and I mean "I play". I sink hours into this game and as a result have become very good at it. It appears too good. Now, I'm not hear tooting my own horn or anything
    like that. It's just that people have a hard time believing that I am that good and as a result, I suffer multiple complaints of hacking and cheating. Anyone with a brain knows that, well at least to my knowledge, you can't hack xbox one. But to those that
    aren't that good, it's the only answer they have and so I'm reported constantly and harassed through.

    Now being a human being, when I'm harassed I'm not going to just sit there and let it happen, reporting messages and hoping xbox will spank them on the wrist. I will defend myself. Some people know just how to use that against you it seems. They will bait
    you and wait for your response. Apparently you can't speak freely over xbox communication because based on a certain "censored" word I used( (and I mean I censored it in my message) my account communication ability was suspended. So I'm actually the one who
    got spanked. Needless to say, I learned my xbox lesson and just report messages and hope that something will be done.

    That being said, I waited my time and my account was fully restored. My reputation has, from that point, suddenly taken a nose dive to the point of "Avoid Me". Seeing as I don't harass or use inappropriate language, how is this happening? The only explanation
    is that people are still reporting me for cheating or what ever and this is the result.

    It is literally like I get penalized for being good at the game I love. When people try to friend me after playing with me, they are always shocked and confused as to why my reputation says "Avoid me". All I can then reply to them is that this is microsofts
    wonderful creation.

    Needless to say, until Microsoft can fix this disgrace of system called the Enforcement United (which they don't seem to want to do because they have no idea how to create a one that isn't as flawed as this travesty), once my subscription is up I'm moving
    over to PlayStation.

    Spartty69, Jul 8, 2016
  2. "Avoid me" reputation

    Well then have you though that just maybe you deserve everything you get. Seems to be your scrounging for sympathy. You don't seem remorseful. Just annoyed that your being punished.

    I tend to agree with this.

    You **** off a lot of people. You did so knowing it was unsportsmanlike. Now that the punishment has befallen, you're finding out what it was like for those who had to play with
    you. As several have already posted, it's going to be awhile before that rep goes back up. Also, as has been said, you don't need to get good rep. You only need to avoid getting bad rep. You're just going to have to tough it out being forced to play with people
    who play like you did.

    An old saying comes to mind... don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
    A Blue Illusion, Jul 8, 2016
  3. "Avoid me" reputation

    Guys, you're saying that my conduct needs to improve in game for my rep to go back up, right? Well, how can I demonstrate my changed behavior if I can't find ANYONE to play with?!? Once your rep is on avoid me you can't find anyone to play fairly with...
    PoisonArrow87, Jul 8, 2016
  4. Xbox Live Reputation "Avoid Me" and the Garbage that is "Enforcement ...

    While I understand that you stand your ground when harassed by other players, it is absolutely important to just never engage.
    Just mute, report, and move on. It may not be seen (by some) as the most desirable way of dealing with problem players, but it certainly helps keep your account in healthy standing.

    It is ultimately up to you to bring yourself out of that reputation hole, unfortunately. I highly doubt the Xbox staff will manually pull you out of "Avoid Me" reputation any time soon.

    If you are a good player that is being falsely reported, I'd give this
    Reddit page
    a good read. Other people are apparently in the same boat, and there's tons of discussion found in there. In short, if you want to restore your reputation, just keep playing matches without getting reported. And, like I said earlier: Do not
    engage... just mute, report, and move on if you encounter a problem player.

    Hope this helps, bro!
    Internet Expert, Jul 8, 2016
  5. rogueguy23
    rogueguy23 Guest
    Unfortunately this is a huge problem right now for competitive players in games such as Call of Duty and Overwatch. I'm in the same boat as you and believe me I've looked far and wide for a solution and there doesn't appear to be any. Just today I joined
    a lobby and immediately people started accusing me of cheating before the game even began just because of my prestige level.

    I don't think Microsoft will take action on this until more people speak up on the issue; however seeing as we are in the minority I wouldn't hold your breathe. I would suggest playing other games in the mean-time or creating another account to play Call
    of Duty with until your reputation goes back up.
    rogueguy23, Jul 9, 2016
  6. xLuircin
    xLuircin Guest
    Literally the same goes for me. I had 1 report for communications and got suspended, then a month later i go to avoid me since people report me for cheating in Call of Duty. Currently just playing online in hopes it goes back or at least to "needs work"
    to actually play the games I bought.
    xLuircin, Jul 10, 2016
  7. Hey, guys!

    First, I'd like to clarify that Enforcement United is not the Policy Enforcement Team. Enforcement United is a beta program that Xbox Ambassadors can join to help with changing unacceptable gamertags. The Policy Enforcement Team are the ones that handle
    bans and ensuring that Xbox Live is a safe place for all gamers to play.

    Second, reputation is not something that Official Support can assist with. The only way we can help is make sure you check out the
    Enforcement site's suggestions on how to keep it at a good level. Internet Expert has some terrific ideas and resources on how to help you out. This thread is also a discussion thread. Because
    of these things, the thread will be locked.

    If you believe you have some good ideas to help the PET adjust the way rep works on the Xbox One, I encourage you to post your idea on our
    Feedback site. Please note, this is not a place where you air your grievances, but a place where you can post up ideas that you think will help out as a whole.

    If you need assistance with any other support issue, please post up a new detailed thread so that our community can work on helping you out. Thanks for understanding!
    Misses Quinzel, Oct 31, 2018
  8. Miss Bijoux Win User

    Unable to search on Halo 5: Guardians

    Hey StR Artick -

    According to your profile
    , your reputation is currently reflecting an "Avoid Me" status. The
    Xbox Live Enforcement page on reputation status advises that an "Avoid Me" reputation may impact your matchmaking experience.

    I recommend looking at the Enforcement site I linked above and reviewing their recommendations on how to improve your reputation status to better your online matchmaking experience.

  9. Radiant Sword X Win User

    Unable to stream on mixer

    Unfortunately, your reputation level may be the reason. Go to Xbox Enforcement to see if you are in the "Avoid Me" section.
  10. ngocphi Win User

    Messed up Enforcement

    do you have avoid me reputation if so that why

    Reputations has nothing to do with enforcement but the community's opinion of yoy
  11. SlinkyGuy Win User

    "Avoid Me" Reputation

    Thank you for bringing this up, Mechanic!

    My reputation is still "Avoid Me" when I look at it on my actual Xbox One profile but according to the chart on my Enforcement reputation page, my reputation has been green (stating that I'm a Good Player) for the past six months and yet I'm still an avoid
    me player with only 3 reports filed against me. Only three! How does that work?
  12. ngocphi Win User

    Account Rep on Xbox and on site

    Well it's easy reputation nor enforcement isn't an support issue

    Reputation is an issue with how you behave around other players and how they grade you not how you grade yourself

    That being said the enforcement site isn't your live view of your reputation it's more.the type of reports you are getting and what you need to fix

    Your profile is hence why the difference

    You are in avoid me

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