XBOX Live TV and Bose T20

Discus and support XBOX Live TV and Bose T20 in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; I currently have a Bose Lifestyle T20 surround sound system. My XBOne is connected to the Bose system in one of the HDMI slots, and it works GREAT!... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by comedian1220, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. comedian1220
    comedian1220 Guest

    XBOX Live TV and Bose T20

    I currently have a Bose Lifestyle T20 surround sound system. My XBOne is connected to the Bose system in one of the HDMI slots, and it works GREAT! however, when i try to use it for simple Live TV ( I do not have cable/sattelite) it tells me it can't find
    the picture from the TV. Currently the TV is plugged into the Bose system as well. I have however tried the following configurations:

    XBone directly into the TV (and TV into the Bose), this way I lose the Xbox picture.

    Xbox into the Bose system, and the TV into the Xbox. No signal on the TV and therefore can't see the XBOX.

    Xbox AND TV both into the Bose. Xbox picture works fine on the TV, but trying to watch TV just gives me the looking for TV picture. (If i skip that

    step then i just get a black screen.)

    I have an LG TV, and the Xbox finds that fine and can control it when it asks to do so during setup. It also can find the Bose System when I tried to set that up from settings. But so far No TV!

    comedian1220, Feb 7, 2014
  2. Ollier0b
    Ollier0b Guest
    Xbox One + Bose Lifestyle AV + Live TV = always listenting to TV

    Hi - I have my Direct TV running into my XB1 and that then connected to my Bose Lifestyle T20 system that then goes to my Sharp TV. I now get Live TV in the XB1 but the sound is always playing even if in another "app" - I have to mute the DirectTV directly.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to the correct "order" the various devices should be linked together to avoid this and have better control of the system?


    Ollier0b, Feb 7, 2014
  3. I have Bose cinemate series audio system and I am not hearing Xbox 360 sound from Bose speakers

    I connected my TV to Bose cinemate series 2 and all the devices connected to that TV will get the audio from Bose system and I connected to Bose system via optical cable I am not hearing the sound when I connected xbox360 to tv via HDMi through Bose speakers.
    Please suggest
    SubmarineSnake5, Feb 7, 2014
  4. Fenris E Wolf Win User

    No Sound using Xbox One with Telekom Media Receiver X301T and watching TV

    Hi City357,

    Please try the following so we can figure out where the issue is. Also due to the way you formatted your post several of the lines are cutoff. 1st go to each device and change the sound setting to stereo instead of surround sound and be sure to uncheck Surround
    Sound BETA on the Xbox One if you have it enabled. Try connecting your Media Receiver via HDMI into the Xbox One and then into the TV and then go into TV Settings Troubleshooting and select the Reset TV option and complete the setup. This will tell us you
    can get the full audio and video TV Feed without involving your sound system. If this works fine then connect your Bose sound system between your Xbox One and the Media Receiver so it goes MR>Bose>Xbox One>TV and see if that works. Then go into the TV Settings
    and setup the Bose under the AVR devices. If it works w/o the bose and not with it tells us the issue is with the Bose and we need to adjust some settings to get the Audio working.
  5. blmacaluso Win User

    Favorite GTA V Car?

    The Grotti Visione! One of my favorites besides the T20
  6. TokyoRose00 Win User

    Analog speakers

    Depending on your tv, you could always use your analog out of your TV to your bose system.
  7. ItzAprilLol Win User

    Xbox One X Speaker Audio Settings Issue

    I have the exact same set up! I have a curved TV, I like them better, but I also have the Bose sound bar. I was completely disappointed with the sound bar, not what I expected from Bose for the price, it was not loud at all.
  8. Lightyear013 Win User

    How set Xbox One to a Bose 321 System

    After taking a look at the inputs available on the system I would say the best thing to do would be to just get an Digital optical cable to connect the Xbox to the Bose system for surround sound and then run the HDMI out from the Xbox to your TV. In terms
    of hooking up your DirecTV all you need is a Component to HDMI cable.

    Unfortunately the Bose system doesn't offer you any HiDef inputs so you won't be able to route the video coming from your Xbox one through your Bose system.

    Hope this answered your question.

XBOX Live TV and Bose T20

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