Discus and support XBOX ONE ALL DISRESPECTFUL in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; During the summer holidays my 10 year old daughter ask us if she could have an xbox one for her 11th birthday. We agreed even though Christmas is not... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by lynnpowell1, Oct 21, 2019.

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    During the summer holidays my 10 year old daughter ask us if she could have an xbox one for her 11th birthday.

    We agreed even though Christmas is not long after here birthday (16th October) and an xbox one is priced higher then we would normally folk out for for our kids birthday presents.

    The reason we agreed is because a couple of months before the summer holidays we had moved house but our kids were still in there old schools and not long after moving i lost my car. With moving house we were struggling with cash and at the time couldn't
    afford a new one.

    The school was an hour to walk to every morning and obviously an hour to walk home every day which my two kids aged 7 and 10 did so with me and hardly complained about it.

    So to show our appreciation for them doing so well when she asked for the Xbox one we felt it was well deserved.

    After the summer holidays the both started at the new school which is just 10 minutes away and after a few days my daughter told me how she was so excited because her new friends have all got Xbox ones and they all loved playing her favourite game Minecraft
    so as you could imagine for a 10 year old the days up until her birthday were counted down to us every say with excitement that grew as it became closer.

    Anyway on the day she woke up for school, was handed some presents from her older brother and younger brother and obviously the new xbox one which was the latest all digital one.

    The thought of getting back from school and meeting her new friends on minecraft must of been the only thing on her mind all day.

    While she was at school i said i would set it up for her so she can get straight into playing the game as i i kn with it having no disc drive it would need to be downloaded first, so after plugging it all in and switching it on it said that it needed to
    first download and install an 800 + update.

    This is were it all started to go wrong as when it got to it being 59% downloaded it just froze, i waited for a few hours and in the end desided to power it down and try to restart it all again.

    But after turning it back on all i got was aan xbox logo light and what sounded like a constant cycle of boot up with no display, this made me spend the rest of the time before my daughter came home to search for a solution in the hope that i could fix it
    which i am disappointed to say had no luck with.

    When i went to school for the kids my daughter ran to me excited asking me if it was ready for her,, the look on her face that went from an 11 year old extremely excited girl to instantly being the opposite was literally heart breaking for me, even though
    i tryed to give her hope in getting it work when we got home i knew and she had a feeling it wasnt going to be as im sure the geek technical term for the xbox im im sure is bricked which is pretty much all it was the equivalent to.

    The only thing we was lift to do was have it returned to Microsoft and replaced.

    If it was my xbox then i would be annoyed but could deal with it, but as it was my daughter's and something she had been looking forward to for quite some time it was far more than just being annoyed it was pretty much heart breaking for her.

    In the passed i have always been more of an xbox guy than a ps guy but after this absolute complete let down by Microsoft my thoughts of getting back into gaming when the kids are a little older and i can find the time to has made me seriously be hesitant
    towards going with Microsofts xbox.

    Something like this isnt that big of a deal for us older ones but for my daughter it really has been and know how its its her feel is just so frustrating for us.

    I am not the type to really complain about much and i know its not something Microsoft have deliberately done its just one of those things.

    But i do think that not just Microsoft but sony and others are getting to the point were were ge the new things out as fast as possible is far more important than making sure they actually work properly which i suppose is due to a mix of high demand and
    company compilation.

    All in all , Microsoft with all the amazing tech that you have created this particular piece of equipment was nothing short of a heart braking lump of over priced plastic.

    lynnpowell1, Oct 21, 2019
  2. Northern Lass Win User


    I am sorry your daughter was disappointed, hope you have managed to get a replacement as that is what warranties are there for.
  3. Gimpy_P Win User


    Actually, if you just got it, I would exchange it at the place of purchase for another one, since this one seems faulty out of the box.
  4. Zero420override Win User


    I'm so sorry that you and your daughter had this happen.
  5. SinistralSpark8 Win User


    Sad to hear that but as you said this is just something that happened, I have my Xbox for 4 years and didn't have this kind of bug. I hope everything goes well for you, unfortunately when we talk about technology things like that always happens even when
    the company tried to do the best.
  6. kev edin Win User


    I'm sorry you are have had problems. Did you come on here a d get help . 👍🤔



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