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Discus and support Xbox One Repairs in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I made a repair order for my Xbox one on 1/28, the repair status was updated to 2/13 for completion. Expecting my Xbox one to be shipped out on 2/13... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Lord AyeAyeRon, Feb 24, 2014.

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    I made a repair order for my Xbox one on 1/28, the repair status was updated to 2/13 for completion. Expecting my Xbox one to be shipped out on 2/13 day end i was impatiently checking the status all day Thursday 2/13 to find no update. Calling the service
    center on 2/17 the following Monday to get an update, I spoke with a rep who stated that the service request was escalated and sent to their advocacy team as she did not know where my Xbox was or the status of it and I would receive contact by them within
    FOUR days. Assuming that Monday 2/17 was day one, I waited till Thursday 2/20 and called in once again after I had not received any contact. The status still to this day states on the myservice site completion date of 2/13. Speaking with this rep named Eddie,
    I related that this unacceptable and the lack of communication is also unacceptable. I was provided with a 1 month free Xbox live card as some type of compensation for my troubles. I have not had my Xbox for close to a month. Let me state that had the service
    completion date said it would take one month if not longer I would not have had an issue, but a completion date was set and not met. Now for the icing on the cake. In speaking with Eddie on 2/20 he stated that I should be hearing from the advocacy team and
    there was nothing further that he could do. Hanging up the phone I later checked to see that Eddie went out of his way to send me an email, stating the following "We do expect that you will be contacted by tomorrow with no further "snags" on our end but I
    would like to personally follow up just to make sure you are being taken care of. I will monitor this inbox for the next 5 days please reply in the event you haven't been contacted by the advocacy team by tomorrow or if you simply have any further doubts or
    inquiries" I then sent Mr. Eddie an email replying that yet another expectation his and his company has set was not met as I have not been contacted. Of coarse Mr. Eddie did not reply. Today 2/24 once again I called into Xbox and spoke with a rep who offered
    no help what so ever. Asking for a supervisor I ended up speaking with a man who stated his name was "BLUE like the color". Mr. Blue and myself had a very lengthy conversation to which he stated this employee should have never sent out that email ( but he
    did) and he should have not made that expectation (which he did). Mr. Blue stated there is no contact for the "advocacy team" and all he knows is my Xbox is in their possession (Texas he presumes) but does not know the status of it. He provided me with now
    2 free months of Xbox live. Let it be know I have been a member of the paying Xbox live community for 9 consecutive years so 3 free months is not compensation to me. I offered to Mr.Blue to put the $500 hold on my account and send me a new Xbox one. I was
    already confirmed that my Xbox one is under warranty by all reps i spoke with including Mr.Blue. He stated although this was a good idea, it could not be done. The bottom line from Mr. Blue was once again, "wait to be contacted by the advocacy team". My issue
    - This is unacceptable by the Microsoft Xbox team! 3 months of free Xbox live does not make up for the lack of communication, expectations, and lack of information concerning my Xbox whereabouts.

    Lord AyeAyeRon, Feb 24, 2014
  2. Xbox One repairs

    I have been having issues with my console not being able to read my disks. It started off with a loud noise and now its at the point where it takes the disk in and does nothing, no sound or anything. So I am sending my console in to be fixed. I am going
    to pay for the expedited shipping. However i want to make sure that i receive my console back as i have heard that sometimes you can get another persons console. A friend of mine sent his in and got a completely different console that was scratched all over.
    I have the day one console and i believed that after a long time without issues i was not going to have problems with this console. I just dont want to get back a standard xbox back and not my day one edition xbox. Also seems kind of weird that the people
    who payed 500 upfront for their console get the normal warranty time, especially after the numerous amounts of issues that arose from the launch of the consoles.

    So my final question is, is their a way for me to be 100% certain i will get my console back, not some random one they refurbished?
    SurrealNebula9, Feb 24, 2014
  3. badbad1115
    badbad1115 Guest
    Xbox One repairs frustrations

    I don't know if this is the right place or if anyone from xbox or Microsoft will ever read this but here goes, My xb1 would not power on, this xb1 was purchased in dec 2014, I sent it in for repairs. I received the xb1 by mail and guess what, now.. no video,
    I pack it in the box i received it in and returned it for repairs.... again! I know i may not be the only person this has happened to but the level of my frustration is through the roof. I know i will get the standard, '' sorry to hear you are having this
    problem, "........BUT......nothing we can do about sending you a unit that didn't work, send in the unit and we will try and send you one that works..MAYBE. Here are the two service request orders for the same console, SR# 1286044113, SR# 1284200693
    badbad1115, Feb 24, 2014
  4. Hordie Win User

    Xbox One repair

    Hi HappyJorge,

    Noises as you said and generally hardware related. If you don't do anything with the request it will just fall off and nothing will happen. If the noise comes back and you are out of your warranty period then you will need to pay the cost for the repair.
    My advise is if you're close to the end of your warranty then it may be a good idea to get it serviced for free.

    Hope this helps.
  5. IceJaiden Win User

    Xbox one repair

    These stories are getting more and more common, What's happening microsoft?
  6. DAYWALKER7 Win User

    Xbox One Repair

    good luck with that. Ive been waiting 1 hour and one minute to talk to customer support
  7. HAZMAT RADIO Win User

    XBOX ONE repair

    When you get your Xbox back from repair, make sure it's plugged into a wall outlet. Try not to use a power strip.

    If you paid for your repair, you should be getting another 90 days of warranty after your repair.
  8. BizarroMantis Win User

    Xbox one repair

    yeah, I heard it gets shipped off to Mexico for repair. Seems crazy.

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