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Discus and support Xbox One Security in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Ever since I bought an Xbox One, I have been fighting a battle between myself and my son. He has been able to thwart every attempt to secure the Xbox... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/webify68, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Xbox One Security

    Ever since I bought an Xbox One, I have been fighting a battle between myself and my son. He has been able to thwart every attempt to secure the Xbox One. The pass-code only works if the child does not do a reset to factory defaults. I have setup my son's account, made him part of my family and set his age restriction. However, he then creates a new account and logs in with that account with no restrictions. Then, because he is able to get around the pass-code with the reset to factory defaults, he can login with his newly created mature account. Recently, he redeemed a gift from someone else to buy Grand Theft Auto V. He bought it with his child account but then shares it with any mature account he creates. Microsoft will not refund the purchase or remove the game from my child's account because the person who bought it for my son has to request the refund. One possible option other than removing my son's account and losing all his data and hundreds of dollars worth of purchases, is to use up all his shares so that he will no longer be able to share his account.

    I would like to suggest making the pass-code better by preventing it from being bypassed on a factory reset. Not sure what that would look like, because I know that someone could possibly forget their pass-code, but my son is able to get around this very important security feature easily.

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    Security proccess

    security will be the same on xbox one as it is on 360
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    My NAT stays Strict whatever I do!

    The Extended Security is unticked/disabled, the security level is Standard and there is only one Xbox connected to the same router Internet connection.
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    What's your account hack criteria?

    Please keep the personal insults out of this discussion, guys. I've already had to lock one thread today and this one is getting close.

    For Xbox LIVE's take on Account Security, please review our security page:
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Xbox One Security

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