Xbox one steering wheels

Discus and support Xbox one steering wheels in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I love my xbox one. It is everything it was said to be and so much more! But with forza 5 and NFS along with the longly awaited the crew and project... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by OwenStillman, May 26, 2014.

  1. OwenStillman
    OwenStillman Guest

    Xbox one steering wheels

    I love my xbox one. It is everything it was said to be and so much more!

    But with forza 5 and NFS along with the longly awaited the crew and project cars now having a release date/month, I just want a reasonably priced steering wheel!

    Xbox 360 steering wheels had a huge range, and yes that's because of the length of time it was available for, but even micorosft had the speed wheel which I bought for a bargain 40 quid price and really enjoyed! Yes the xbox one hasn't been round for long,
    but the cheapest steering wheel is 80 quid which is not really too justifiable at the moment.

    Anyone know of any cheaper xbox one steering wheels or if any are planned?

    OwenStillman, May 26, 2014
  2. logitech G920 steering wheel ?

    hi can the logitech G920 steering wheel be used without the pedals asi have one leg and im wanting a steering wheel for the xbox one driving games thanks for any advice
    DAVID BAYLISS, May 26, 2014
  3. steering wheel price $400!!!???

    I want to get Forza 5 but only with a steering wheel. The only steering wheel I could see coming for the XBONE is that ferrari one, which costs 399.99, wtf? That steering wheel costs as much as a PS4. Id rather just buy a PS4 so then I could have both,
    no way in heck I'm going to spend 4 hundy on a steering wheel.

    Anyone know of a less expensive steering wheel accessory being released? Im sure that 400$ steering wheel is awesome
    ChristopherS_988, May 26, 2014
  4. the dude1978
    the dude1978 Guest

    Xbox one steering wheels

    does the £80 wheel come with pedals?the cheapest steering wheel and pedals ive seen was well over £200.this has put me off buying forza because i hate playing racing sims with a controller.i had one for ps3 (the GT5) and it was could feather
    the brake and throttle and adjust the force feedback to give full love some like this for the xbox one but im not willing to pay £200 plus for it!
    the dude1978, Jun 3, 2014
  5. StuartATrueRed Win User

    Compatible Steering Wheel

    If the steering wheel is compatible with the Xbox One, then it will work on the Xbox One S & the Xbox One X. So it should work on your sons Xbox. Which make and model of steering wheel is it?
  6. TH0RMAS Win User

    Fanatec wheel and Forza 5

    Was a bad idea sell Forza 5 with xbox one if they steering wheels will not work, because you need to buy a new steering wheel with a new game and with a new console... to much money.
  7. Marilee Stone Win User

    Fanatec wheel and Forza 5

    That is precisely the point which wrote Discohopper: the CSR Elite Wheel is the officially licensed Forza 4 steering wheel. And now that a new xbox comes out to all people buy a new steering wheel. But here it goes again just to make money without meaningful
    and understood. The whole Fanatec community is upset and most will not buy XB1 if there is no solution to support the steering wheels. I can understand if Microsoft wants to earn a lot of money and another for peripherals manufacturer is licensed. It will
    probably be enough people who still have no steering wheel and buy a new one anyway. But then Microsoft should also think of the customers who have already bought a very good steering wheel for a lot of money. It will probably be somehow possible to connect
    the steering wheels via usb. Or with an adapter.
  8. HyperVenom523 Win User

    Controller compatibility

    You need to buy a steering wheel for xbox one no other option...
  9. drivesafely Win User

    steering wheel for xbox one

    Anyone that never tried the steering wheel with Forza on Xbox One would not understand why we want it. Simple name for the post was steering wheel for xbox one. There is one for 400 bucks made by a third party. I would have been happy if they let us use
    the old wheel or even made a better wireless handheld wheel. We have two of the handheld ones and have a blast with it, A newer version would be pretty cool. Then the fact that Kinect Sports for Xbox One proved that the Kinect sensor can steer a jetski
    pretty good, why not at least add that option to Forza. I know that racing with your thumbs will always win races but the wheel experience is way cool. I have had wheels since Dreamcast had a nice one, then a PC one, then the xbox had one, then x360.

Xbox one steering wheels

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