Xbox One X Connection Issues

Discus and support Xbox One X Connection Issues in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I'm having a lot of trouble with my Xbox One X staying connected to wifi. At least once a day, my console disconnects from live, and sometimes it signs... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by StK I, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. StK I
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    Xbox One X Connection Issues

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my Xbox One X staying connected to wifi. At least once a day, my console disconnects from live, and sometimes it signs me out as well, causing me to lose progress even on single player games. I had similar disconnection issues
    with my previous ISP (optimum switched to Verizon fios around November 19) but never this signing out issue which is losing me progress and saves. I've searched a lot on the internet and have tried the following fixes (none have worked):

    static ip

    port forwarding

    resetting MAC address

    resetting my console

    power cycling

    resetting modem/router

    going wired (not feasible where I currently play, and I am not trying to run an ethernet cable through the floor if it's not a 100% fix anyway)

    Using energy saving mode and disabling instant sign-in

    Some other details: When I run detailed diagnostic after testing my connection, my NAT comes up open behind a cone NAT. I have no trouble initally connecting to parties or playing online, but obviously the random disconnections ruin the online experience.
    I don't think I have ipv6 in my area, and

    My laptop and phone are almost always connected and able to use the wifi when my xbox disconnects, and I very rarely have my original xbox one disconnect, recently when the X disconnects I've had my original on just to see if it experiences any issues and
    no signing out or disconnect occurs. I also get the "do you own this game or app error" despite being online or having just taken my console into offline mode, although this is fixable by restarting the console.

    This is extremely frustrating and I although I haven't been able to speak to Verizon support and see if there is anything on their end, I don't have the patience to continue being stuck holding on the phone during limited support hours. While I'm stuck at
    home, this problem has been getting worse and worse over the last couple days to the point where I am resorting to playing offline just so I'm not losing progress. I am at the limits of my technical knowledge here, but I figure it's worth throwing out to see
    if there are any other suggestions?

    StK I, Mar 26, 2020
  2. SmurfThug Win User

    Xbox One X Teredo problem

    I have been having the same issues, bought a new xbox one X and have been losing connection randomly, never lost connection before with the normal xbox one. When I lose connection it will sometimes say Teredo error or upnp connection error. Totally not
    fun, I'm considering buying a new router but if it's the consoles fault I dont know what I'll do. I have already swapped my xbox one X out with another xbox one x from gamestop because I thought the first one was faulty and this did not stop the connection
  3. beausmall Win User

    Xbox one x issues

    Why would it only be the one x machine and not the one s ????

    Lets rule out the internet service provider, its an xbox one x issue its pretty obvious.

    All other pcs, gaming consoles and devices connect without issues
  4. XBF Crystal P Win User

    Connecting XBOX ONE X with TV & AVR to get both high quality picture and surround sound - problem

    Hi there!

    Sorry to hear the issues with connecting / setting up your Xbox One X console with TV and AVR. The reply by EggsBoxJuan is on point. I would also recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting resource for

    Connecting your Xbox One X console to TV and AVR.

    Let us know if this helped.
  5. DarkMerc87 Win User

    Xbox One S Error 0x80bd0033

    Ran into the same issue with my Xbox One X when trying to connect to my 4k tv through a switch. I had to set my Playstation 4 Pro to 2160p-YUV420 to display properly. Is there a similar setting for the Xbox One X?
  6. SelectiveKboy Win User

    Xbox One X Connection issues

    Go to your Xbox network settings. What does your "NAT Type" show?

    Also try running the tests on the right side of the screen (Test network connection, Test multiplayer connection, Test NAT Type, Detailed network statistics), and see if those tests show any problems with your network.
    My network is not the problem. I run multiple devices on it 24/7 Including an older Xbox One Halo 5 Edition. Nat is open 0% Packet Loss (confirmed thru Both Xboxes and CMD on PC.) Latency is ~50. Multiplayer Connection test on the problem box interrupts
    itself frequently. I'm positive at this point it's a Hardware issue.

Xbox One X Connection Issues

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