Xbox parent controls app

Discus and support Xbox parent controls app in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Is it possible for microsoft to develop an app like nintendo’s, switch parent controls. The xbox family setting currently is not feasible since my... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Parent_007, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Xbox parent controls app

    Is it possible for microsoft to develop an app like nintendo’s, switch parent controls.

    The xbox family setting currently is not feasible since my kids have accounts that can override all of the settings and i cant even switch them back.

    I find the switch app the most powerful and useful for controling the consoles and there is no work around for a kid to figure out. I can restrict time, select specific games my kids can play, and monitor it when im not home.

    Please if possible look into this app, I bet it would benefit the xbox community very much, especially the parents.


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    Parent_007, Feb 12, 2019
  2. snookerman101 Win User


    No, There shouldn't be an app that cracks this. However if he is unlocking the Parental Controls straight from the Xbox itself, he may have found the default code that would unlock these settings. I don't know if this will help, but here's a link.
  3. Eambo Win User

    Still No Resolution?

    Hi Painkillar,

    This document outlines the parental controls available on the Xbox console to prevent such incidents occurring.

    If this does not answer your query or you have ongoing issues, please reply with more detail as to the problem (IE: What program/app your kids are using, how your Xbox is set up), and we can look further into this.
  4. TomS_15 Win User

    Can't Access Netflix Without Entering Family Passcode Since New Update


    With the Netflix update, parental control blocks the Netflix app. Before, parental control blocked individual movies on Netflix which is how it should work.
  5. War Gato Win User

    Maxim is NOT what Parents want!!!

    Actually it is a parent's job to filter what their children see, and I think it would be to Microsoft's benefit to work with parents in terms of controlling the content of the Xbox dashboard. Turning the parental controls does nothing to the ads, just what
    apps or games are accessible.

    Microsoft, we all know that you can change up the Xbox dashboard to be more parent/xbox subscriber friendly. Since you wrote the operating system. As a parent and subscriber I would like to see this changed.
  6. DrifterX22 Win User

    Xbox parent controls app

    So your kids have a child account or an adult account? They can only change settings if they account was setup as a parent account or they know the parent account password.

Xbox parent controls app

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