Xbox party chat disconnecting

Discus and support Xbox party chat disconnecting in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi, a friend and I have had party chat connection problems for about three months. I would like to not that we had no issues for an entire year and we... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by WesleyBishop1, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Xbox party chat disconnecting

    Hi, a friend and I have had party chat connection problems for about three months. I would like to not that we had no issues for an entire year and we made no changes to our xboxes or internet leading up to these issues. We have no xbox live issues or
    in game chat issues, just party chat issues. Sometimes we can never get it to connect, sometimes it takes an hour to try and get our party chat to connect after we reset every possible thing with our internet and xbox. We have troubleshooted this issue extensively
    and have looked up every possible forum on this issue. We have done hard resets on our xboxes and routers, I even got a new xbox and router and changed internet speed. We have tested our NAT types, they are always open, we have cleared persistent storage,
    we have cleared our MAC address, we have made sure our xboxes are on energy saving mode, we made sure our privacy settings are all on allowed and are on the adult privacy settings. We have tested our internet speeds and they are around 100mbps and up. I
    have a wired connection and my friend has 5G internet with the router sitting beside his xbox. Xbox posted a few days ago that there was party chat issues, but my friend and I had been having those issues for months even after messaging xbox support months
    ago. We are still having these issues after xbox says the issues are resolved on xbox/status as of 3/17/19. What do I do?

    WesleyBishop1, Mar 20, 2019
  2. KillerBFR Win User

    Xbox one randomly disconnects from wireless network and controller

    I confirm. When I'm in a party chat I sometimes Quick Disconnects of Xbox Live.
  3. PartyInTheCAeh Win User

    Cannot play online because of lag issues

    Yes I am connected to Xbox Live, talking to my friend in party chat. And it never disconnects me.
  4. Private Maximo Win User

    Microsoft writes letter to Xbox community

    [quote user="FatMond"]

    Letter from Mond to Xbox Live:-

    Dear Xbox Live,

    Sod your horrible new dashboard that's designed for Kinect, make the party chats stop disconnecting all the time, you bunch of helmets.

    Kind regards



    Works fine without Kinect

    I have no Party Chat disconnects and I use it all the time.
  5. LordArionis Win User

    Disconnect from ANY interaction with a console in THE SAME HOUSE.

    So why does the party chat disconnect us as well?
  6. JhonSnow777 Win User

    Xbox party chat disconnecting

    Hello, we sorry to hear about the issue and any frustrations this may have caused. Considering what you told us, we recomend you to, check the following link to find out more information about this issue and a possible solution...

    Party Audio Problems

    You can't switch to party chat on Xbox One

    Error 0x89231806 occurs when you try to start or join a party on Xbox One

    Let us know if these sugestions fix your issue, or if you need more assistance?

Xbox party chat disconnecting

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