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Discus and support xbox problem in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; hello xbox i have i problem i want to solve. before i got a xbox i went onto minecraft on ipad and created Microsoft account with the email... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by irfankumar, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. irfankumar
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    xbox problem

    hello xbox i have i problem i want to solve. before i got a xbox i went onto minecraft on ipad and created Microsoft account with the email irfandinkumar. i think then it gave me a gamer tag Dressing ox. soon after i actually bourght an xbox and i created
    an account. i used the same email but now i am called DorsalSplash281. i use this account to play all the games and i have progress. but last week i downloaded the companion app and put my email and password in and it keeps logging me into Dressing ox which
    i never use and i dont want it. i checked my DorsalSplash and it uses the same email and dressing ox but i can only ever log onto dressing ox whilst on companion. i would really appreciate if you told me how to login into my Dorsal Splash account

    irfankumar, Apr 24, 2020
  2. Misses Joust Win User

    HDD problem or Xbox problem??

    G'day W0lf! You are correct in your conclusion that the HDD is the issue here. Thank you for trying all the steps in our support pages!

    Going forward, the best course of action will be this:

    • If you're still able to access files on your HDD, try to move your save files onto a USB flash drive or Memory Unit.
    • Register your console and order a replacement HDD at our repair site.
    • If you don't want to order a replacement there, I recommend you stick to trusted retailers from which to buy your new HDD, to make sure it is an official Xbox product. 3rd party HDDs will not support backwards compatibility with Original Xbox games, and
      we cannot guarantee the quality of 3rd party devices.
    • Once the HDD is replaced, re-download your content. There's no need for a license transfer here as you'll be on the same console!

    If you have any further questions, please let us know. =)
  3. Silicel2 Win User

    HDD problem or Xbox problem??

    You could try to contact support and if you still have warranty you can explain the situation and if it is deemed necessary they can send it in for repair if they find anything wrong with it they will fix it if not they will send it back, just time lost.
    Taking from your post I would go with the hard drive issue, make sure it is properly seated and never move the console while it is operating.
  4. SilentGamer895 Win User

    HDD problem or Xbox problem??

    Have you had the E68 message again? If your console is having a hard time reading the discs it may need to be looked at due to the disc reader not working.
  5. Honshuw0lf Win User

    HDD problem or Xbox problem??

    My xbox has been reading game discs fine since removing the HDD, however while the drive was installed it would either say the game disc is damaged/unreadable (when it was unscratched/new) or that the download failed (despite it being on-disc play). I've
    been able to load games up and play them for hours, save them to the mem unit without issue (with the HDD removed). So does that sound more like a bad/corrupt HDD rather than a faulty 360 (since the former seems more likely at this point after my investigation)?
  6. JackB9824 Win User

    Xbox problem

    for the first question its hard to answer as recently they have not been connecting at allbut when they do sometimes the will work for ten minutes then disconnect then work for around 5 minutes the disconnect before becoming regular then some times they
    will disconnect reguraly straight away and by reguraly i mean every 20-40 seconds. yes the problem is both on and offline. Even while connected via usb it disconnectes. i have horsy d controllers and the problem is still there

xbox problem

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