xbox sends reverse commands to my direct tv box

Discus and support xbox sends reverse commands to my direct tv box in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; When I turn my xbox one on it turns my direct tv box off, when the one goes off the direct tv comes on. How do I fix this?... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by gahilble, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. gahilble
    gahilble Guest

    xbox sends reverse commands to my direct tv box

    When I turn my xbox one on it turns my direct tv box off, when the one goes off the direct tv comes on. How do I fix this?

    gahilble, Jan 1, 2014
  2. DFink13
    DFink13 Guest
    Xbox One and Direct Tv

    Hi. I want to connect my Xbox to my Direct TV box but the Direct TV box does not have an HDMI port all it has is AV plugs. Does anyone know of a cable or converter that will allow me to connect my Direct TV service to my Xbox one. Thank you
    DFink13, Jan 1, 2014
  3. tihino
    tihino Guest
    Unable to change TV channel

    My Xbox Identifies my Motoroa VIP1003 tv box. However i am still not able to send the next channel/prev channel command when i either use the Smartglass or the Xbox One Media Remote.

    Instead my tv box shows what is coming next. If i however press page up or page down on the smartglass it will change channels. It seems that its sending the wrong commands for channel up/down.

    I am unable to see how i could have configured my xbox wrong since it identifies my tv box automatically. Maybe this is a bug?
    tihino, Jan 1, 2014
  4. Dinglestains Win User

    Xbox one TV

    The Xbox should go through a setup process to make sure the Kinect is sending the correct commands. I think it just asks for your TV provider and then the cable box that you're using. I think it will test the Kinect sending the commands during the process.
  5. Sequel2K Win User

    Xbox One users - Please provide best method for setting up remote

    I have my Harmony 880 set-up in a way that's almost 100% to my liking. When I added a new Activity, I selected "Utility", and the only device I added is my Xbox One. That'll let the Xbox turn on and off my TV, cable box and receiver and keep the remote
    out it. (That's why your devices turn on and shut off, as both the Xbox and Remote are sending power signals)

    This by itself will do a lot, but I wasn't happy that I still needed my old cable box remote in order to access the DVR recordings. I had to learn some remote commands from the original remote. Since there are no other devices set in the activity, you
    don't have them available for assigning commands to buttons.

    I manually learned Record, DVR List, Menu, direction arrows, OK, Page Up and Page Down from the original remote. I set-up a page of custom buttons and now I have an almost perfect set-up.

    If the Xbox One would send the proper direction commands when using Live TV instead of the Xbox's directions, that would be most helpful. But, at least I have an acceptable solution for now.
  6. bbarley Win User

    Xbox One and HDHomerun

    I really want to like the LiveTv ap. In HD, it's great, sounds great, they did sort out the surround sound codec issue on the passthrough. The Kinect can send commands to my equipment. It can turn my tv on and off, it can send channel numbers to my cable
    box But it can't do anything but send channel numbers. So I won't be loosing my remote anytime soon. I like how I can snap tv, and I like how fast it switches from tv to another task. But what really sucks, is SD channels. My box, surround system, and
    my tv does stretch the image. But using the pass through, it won't.


    I see all the potential, and I like the direction it is heading, but right now, it feels very much like a beta then a finished product.
  7. nfn nifty Win User

    Xbox One + ATT U-verse

    Any solutions for using Xbox only to escape the uverse screensaver?

    my Xbox turns on my box, tv, and receiver just fine, but if I turn on, then play games / watch Netflix for six hours, the uverse box automatically goes into standby. This cannot be changed on the uverse box.

    we need a voice command to power on/off individual components, or at least some way to send the "ok" command to the cable box.

    I keep my cable box in a cabinet to hide it, so when this occurs, I have to find the remote AND open the cabinet to fix..
  8. JT Kimbell [MSFT] Win User

    Turning off TV/Projector Optoma HD20

    Hey guys,

    There's a setting in TV & OneGuide settings -> Device control -> TV -> Send Power Off twice. If you check that box, we will send the power command twice when turning off.

xbox sends reverse commands to my direct tv box

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