Xbox Series X - Xbox One (non-enhanced) Games Crashing To Home

Discus and support Xbox Series X - Xbox One (non-enhanced) Games Crashing To Home in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I ordered a Series X console from the Microsoft Store (online) last month on September 9th. After receiving it, I set up my console for the Delta... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Sharpnd152, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Xbox Series X - Xbox One (non-enhanced) Games Crashing To Home

    I ordered a Series X console from the Microsoft Store (online) last month on September 9th. After receiving it, I set up my console for the Delta preview and everything was great for about a week, but then some random issues started happening. I first noticed that Cyberpunk would no longer load. Trying to start the game resulted in a black screen, followed by being sent back to the dashboard with no error message. After trying a few more times, I noticed that sometimes while trying to launch it, the console's power button light would flicker before getting kicked back to the dashboard. The system never shutdown/restarted though. I initially chalked it up to Cyberpunk being just a glitchy mess based on all the articles I had read. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. GTA: V was next where it would start to load and then kick me right back to the dashboard with no error. Then Red Dead Redemption 2. I thought it had to do with the internal drive, so I deleted and redownloaded the games to an external hard drive as well as the official 1TB Seagate Expansion card - same behavior. However, I'm a really big tech-guy and I was determined to try and get to the bottom of it.

    Steps I've taken:

    1. Multiple Factory Resets at various points (joining delta, beta, and reverting to public builds), both keeping games & apps as well as a full-wipe.
    2. Left the preview program, console successfully downgraded to public build. No Change.
    3. After no change on public build, I downloaded OSU1 from the support page to do an offline system update via USB in the recovery menu. No change.
    4. Re-Joined the preview program, this time trying the Beta version. No change.
    5. Deleted local game saves & resync from the cloud (multiple times). I've verified the cloud-based saves work on my other console with no issue.
    6. Clear cache with full shutdown + pull power cable for 30 seconds.
    7. Clear reserved space for each affected game.
    8. Redownload all games mentioned above multiple times (Cyberpunk was disc based)
    9. Run all games from the internal SSD (no change). Run games from two different external hard drives + 1TB Seagate drive (no change).
    10. Tried a different profile, as well as a brand new profile after resetting. Some headway here - I could sometimes get Cyberpunk to load into the main menu, go through the character creation, but immediately after trying to start the campaign it instantly crashes back to the dashboard with the same symptoms mentioned above. I was also able to play GTA: V for about 5 minutes before getting kicked back to the dashboard.
    11. Tried disabling HDR, Auto-HDR, Dolby Vision. No change.
    12. Changed from 4K down to 1080P. No change.
    13. Tried in a different home, with a different TV, different HDMI cable, not plugged into any surge protectors. No change.

    I reported GTA:V & Cyberpunk crashes with Report a Problem. I successfully did Tracing with the GTA:V issue

    At this point, I was at a total loss for ideas. However, I then noticed something even more bizarre. ALL Series X enhanced games worked 100%, totally fine. Gears 5, Borderlands 3, DOOM Eternal, etc. - no issues whatsoever. I then tried some 360 BC games - no issues. It seems to only be affecting Xbox One (non-enhanced) games. This honestly still has me scratching my head; what exactly is defective? Is it software or hardware?!. I've spent countless hours researching this issue online but never came up with a resolution. I did find others with VERY similar symptoms on Reddit & Xbox support forums, and the only way it was ever resolved was replacement. I even came across some users saying they sent it in for repair only to be told there was nothing wrong with it - then getting it back and the same issue was there. One individual even posted a video of it happening. Suffice it to say, it's not just me, but apparently not widespread enough of an issue.

    I contacted Xbox Support and they said it needed to be repaired. Keep in mind, at this point the console was less than two weeks old. I was not a fan of the idea of getting a refurbished unit back when it was so new, so I contacted the Microsoft Store. I tried to do an exchange but there is no system in place for the Series X for this since they are constantly sold out. My only option was to get a refund. I tried escalating to every single person that I possibly could, both at Xbox Support and Microsoft Store support. Unfortunately, I was still stuck at square one: my options are refund or repair which truly bothers me because it's literally brand new and so hard to get from anywhere. I even tried getting another console (to simply replace this one) when they were in stock at the Microsoft Store online, only to be denied because of the one-console per account purchase limitation right now. I'm seriously bummed.

    As of right now, I initiated the return through the Microsoft Store and have a prepaid shipping label to send it back. I have not sent it yet and thought I would try one last-ditch effort and relay the situation/issue to the community + Xbox staff in hopes there’s a better, viable solution out there. I also thought from a technical perspective, this issue is extremely bizarre and maybe the Xbox team might want to analyze the console or something?! I did reach out to Major Nelson via email, but I’m not sure if it went through properly (additionally, his auto-reply says to contact Xbox Support for console related issues).

    I’ve been an Xbox Live subscriber for 16 years and have amassed a pretty sizable digital library. I’m a huge fan of Xbox, so I hope this info can make a difference in some way. I apologize for the ridiculous novel-length of a post, but I wanted to provide as much info as possible.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help/suggestions!

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    /u/Sharpnd152, Oct 11, 2021
  2. Obsessive Power Win User

    juegos de 360 en xbox one


    This an Xbox One X enhanced game. But to get the enhancement you'll need either a Xbox One X or either one of the newer Series X|S machines. The Series S is a digital only console though.

    On an original Xbox One or One S, it will be the BC 360 game with no enhanced graphics.

    You'll get access to an enhanced version regardless of disc or digital, but you need the right console to be able play the enhanced version.
  3. The Kleaner Win User

    Xbox Game Disc-to-Digital Availability

    This is an incorrect assumption. You can insert an xbox one disc and download updates that may improve visuals and frame rates on Xbox Series X/S but in order to play you still need the disc unless you own the digital version of it.

    Xbox Series X will utilize the Xbox One X version of enhancements while Xbox series S will use the Xbox One S enhancements.

    You will not get a free game by borrowing or renting a physical version of a game and installing it on Xbox Series X/S.
  4. Obsessive Power Win User

    Will there be Xbox One X Enhancement patches on the Series X?


    I doubt you'll get a direct answer from here, not from the Microsoft tech team anyway. But as I understand it, Series X will run all Xbox One games and all the games currently BC for Xbox One. This will include the Xbox One X enhanced titles.

    The Series S will not be able to run enhanced titles. Instead it will run them as Xbox One base games, but, it will apply it's own enhancements instead.

    Why can't Series S run Xbox One X enhanced games?

    So, you would think that being that the series S is also a next gen system it should run Xbox One enhanced titles, but it can't. The reason is quite a simple one, RAM (Random Access Memory). The Xbox One X has 12 GB of RAM, which around 9 is usable for games.
    The Series S only has around 8 GB.

    Pushing high resolution textures and indeed 4K resolutions (or near 4K) requires lots or RAM. But to keep costs low, Series S has less RAM.

    The series S won't run Xbox One games exactly how the original Xbox One runs them. It will still run them better. Which means better frame rates and better resolutions, but it can't run Xbox One games that have enhancements for the Xbox One X. They will
    still work, but they won't be enhanced. I'm not sure about Xbox 360 enhanced titles.
  5. Obsessive Power Win User

    New xbox S video performance.

    Yes it will run at 30 fps on the Series X as well.

    The Series X has a number of other advantages over the Series S, not just a higher resolution. The Series X has 6GB more RAM than the Series S and more capable graphics hardware. The Series X can run Xbox One games that were enhanced for the Xbox One X and
    run them smoother.

    Only Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that were enhanced For One X get enhanced on the Series S, but unlike that machine, they max out at 1440P. Xbox One games run as they did on the original hardware, but with their own enhancements I mentioned in my previous
    reply such as smoother frame rates, unlocked resolutions and such.

    For the time being, Series X and S are on par with each other frame rate wise, but only time will tell for future titles.

    I'm a PC gamer (i7 and RTX 2080) as well as a console gamer. I have a Series S because I couldn't get a Series X. When the X becomes available I'll replace it.

    I've not connected my Series S to my TV, it's running off my Monitor. 1080P at 120Hz is great so far.

    The great thing with these consoles is their content now follows you. when I get my Series X, only old games will work and work better.
  6. Obsessive Power Win User

    3.0 2Tb Seagate HDD comparability


    Your drive will work the same on Series X as it does on Xbox One and you won't need to format it.

    However, Series X games or Xbox One games with Series X enhancements will not run from that drive and will either need to be installed internally or to an external SSD designed for Series X/S.

    Your hard drive will be too slow for Series X games. They can be stored there, but not run from there.

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