Discus and support Xbox随便在商城里选一个游戏都显示错误代码0x00000194 in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; 现在想买游戏都买不了 8680b37e-c43c-4c16-8934-06448cf86728 Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by mc steve live, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Xbox随便在商城里选一个游戏都显示错误代码0x00000194


    mc steve live, Oct 29, 2019
  2. G v zauBerBerg Win User


  3. 晨希李 Win User

    无法登录,详见下图 [Translation - Unable to log in, as shown in the figure below]



    2以前的登陆界面失败后显示一个错误代 ,但是现在新登陆界面那个错误代 不显示了。在我的记忆中那个代 好像是0x800068(记忆不一定准确)

    3以前我到网上搜索过该错误代 。但是, 乎没有对该错误的解答。以前在Microsoft论坛上我也问过这个问题,有人回复我一个网址(应该是Xbox的官方网站)对该错误有一小段解释,是说要怎么怎么弄沙盒。对于我这 的外行,在步骤不明晰时,我不会修复这 复杂的问题。



    [Translation-We're sorry, i haven't responded for so long. Here's what you need: 1 The device is a laptop. Xbox doesn't use beta.

    (It's the new system that comes with it, it's not moving) 2 An error code is displayed after the previous login interface failed, but the error code for the new login interface is not displayed.

    In my memory that code seems to be 0x800068 (memory is not necessarily accurate) 3 I've searched the Internet for this error code before. However, there is little answer to this error. I've asked this question before on a Microsoft forum, and someone replied
    to a URL (which should be the official xbox website) with a short explanation of the error, which is how to make a sandbox.

    For laymen like me, I'm not going to fix such a complex problem when the steps are unclear. 4 About account login: I can log in to my account normally. It is also normal to log in to other apps/apps. This game alone can't. In addition, I can't log in to the
    game properly on other computers. (I guess maybe it's a sync conflict?)

    ) We look forward to your reply.]
  4. Yifan (Dylan) ZHOU Win User

    Metro Exodus (Windows) 当前在你的帐户中不可用。错误代码: 0x803F8001 (如果你需要的话)[Metro Exodus (Windows) is currently not available in your account. Error code: 0x803F8001 (if you need it)]

    出现错误信息后点上面的“在Microsoft Store中查看”, 然后从win10 商店启动游戏。

    我就是这 解决的。
  5. kiss my Win User

    极限竞速:地平线4灰屏闪退 -[Translation - Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4 grey screen flashes back]

    您好,XBF LEO G,

    游戏发生问题时,没有出现错误代 或错误消息,只仅仅是游戏突然灰屏

    [translation-Hello, XBF LEO G,

    When the game is having trouble, there is no error code or error message, just the game suddenly gray screen]
  6. 晨希李 Win User

    xbox某一游戏登陆问题,0x8015dc12 [Translation-xbox a game login problem, 0x8015dc12]




    我卸载了该游戏,并重新安装,但仍然遇到 法登录的问题。(我曾在全新的Windows10系统中尝试安装并登录,但仍然解决不了问题)

    [Translation-Hello there,

    That's right, I tried to log in to the game on multiple computers (using the same account) but all encountered the same error.

    I have played this game many times before and have a game archive.

    I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, but still encountered an issue where I could not log in.
    (I tried to install and log in on the new Windows 10 system, but still can't solve the problem)]


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