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Discus and support : Xbox1 in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; : Xbox1 Does xbox1 stil run on ipv4 or do you have to be on ipv6 It xbox one supports ipv6 nativity. It can support ipv4. It is really up to carrier... Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by Cookie 64, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Cookie 64
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    : Xbox1

    : Xbox1
    It xbox one supports ipv6 nativity. It can support ipv4. It is really up to carrier if you are able to get an ipv6 connection.

    Cookie 64, Apr 21, 2019
  2. ExactSquid76 Win User

    New MW3 survivor maps.

    Yes it is XBOX1 but as we all know formation to be played on XBOX1 systems. And speaking of which a lot of people would like to see "MWX" written for the XBOX1 system with better graphics and of course survival mode and of course maps. But to play XBOX360
    games on the XBOX1 system for some reason you have to be invited. Any chance someone could invite me?
  3. GRAW2ROBZ Win User

    BF4 game wont let me reinstall and says i need to purchase again.

    You have the 360 version of BF4 and now you got XBOX1? You need to buy XBOX1 BF4 as well. Only stats carry over from 360 to XBOX1 version. Still need to buy both versions.
  4. iVirtualzero Win User

    The Xbox One Slim

    That's the problem about the Xbox1, it lacks any good hardware, the software will gradually be updated and improved over time, but will the hardware be improved with the Xbox1, most unlikely, if only the Xbox1 wasn't rushed into the market, now Microsoft
    has to clean up their mess.

    Tritton headphones wont work

    The Xbox1's optical port has to be turned on in settings. If I remember correctly, I haven't tried because my headphones are connected to TVs optical port, but now that Xbox1 multitasks very well I will use netflix on Xbox1 and connect my soundbar back to
    the TVs optical port, and headphones to Xbox1s optical since I only use when gaming. Hope this helps
  6. jaspertodd Win User

    Xbox Live

    Nope.unless there only posting in the Xbox1 thread? Iam on xbox1 and still post all over the forums, if thats what u mean?

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