Discus and support xbox连不上服务器,地平线4无法同步数据 in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; [img] xbox连不上服务器,地平线4 法同步数据 8efe1c26-ae71-417d-8131-6b6d112875e9 Discussion in 'XBoX on Windows' started by 一珂刘, Oct 18, 2020 at 7:42 PM.

  1. 一珂刘
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    xbox连不上服务器,地平线4无法同步数据 [​IMG]
    xbox连不上服务器,地平线4 法同步数据

  2. sdusoft Win User

    win10家庭中文版玩网游丢包延迟严重 [win10 home Chinese version of play online game drop bag delay serious]


    [Translation-Sometimes it doesn't connect to the server, it drops.]
  3. 一珂刘 Win User


  4. 一珂刘 Win User


  5. UNSC_S117 Win User

    XBOX ONE X 网络连接问题 [XBOX ONE X network connectivity issues ]


    [Translation-Now even if connected to the net line, or very easy to go wrong, Halo 5 often prompt can not connect to requisition item services, games can play, delay is very low, but there is no way to open the bag. And there will be a problem with
    the dedicated server. ]
  6. Coach_Fu Win User

    XBOX one手柄无法蓝牙连接WIN10电脑








    此外,Xbox One 线控制器连接到 Windows 电脑,您可以参考以下链接中的内容:

    在 Xbox One 线控制器上连接蓝牙和排除相关蓝牙故障,您可以参考以下链接中的内容:



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