Xboxゲーマータグ[Translation-Xbox Gamertag]

Discus and support Xboxゲーマータグ[Translation-Xbox Gamertag] in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; Xboxのゲーマータグをにて変更したのですが、反 されず前のゲーマータグのままになっています。... Discussion in 'XBoX on Windows' started by 颯汰得永, Mar 25, 2020 at 3:52 AM.

  1. 颯汰得永
    颯汰得永 Guest

    Xboxゲーマータグ[Translation-Xbox Gamertag]

    Xboxのゲーマータグをにて変更したのですが、反 されず前のゲーマータグのままになっています。
    もう一度に行ってみると、「現在のゲーマータグ」に、前のゲーマータグが表示されています。どうすれば反 されますか?

    [Translation-I changed my Xbox gamertag at,
    but it doesn't reflect and it's still the gamertag I've been using.

    If you go to,
    you'll see the previous gamertag in the current gamertag. How do I reflect it?]

    颯汰得永, Mar 25, 2020 at 3:52 AM
  2. XBF Brad A Win User

    Xboxゲーマータグ[Translation-Xbox Gamertag]

    Hi fellow gamer,

    Thanks for reaching out to the forums. We understand you are having issue with changing gamertag. Have you tried signing out completely then sign back in see if it changed. Sometimes it can take a bit to change. We recommend waiting hour or so to see if
    it changes. Let us know how it goes we will be around.


  3. RandyAU93 Win User

    Xbox one

    Unfortunately, you would need to purchase another gamertag change. However, you are free to contact
    Xbox Live Support to see if they can help.

    Translating to Swedish using

    Tyvärr skulle du behöva köpa en annan gamertag-ändring. Du kan dock kontakta Xbox Live-supporten för att se om de hjälper.
  4. saidsoto Win User

    Saber el correo a que esta asociado el gamertag de mi cuenta de la cuenta de xbox live de mi padrino [Know the email that the gamertag of my account is associated with my sponsor's live xbox account ]

    Ok, pero como soporte de xbox no hay forma que se metan a mi cuenta por medio de gamertag a ver mi infomacion de contacto?

    [Translation- Ok, but as xbox support there is no way that they get into my account by means of gamertag to see my contact information?]
  5. XS1CkSk1LLZX94 Win User

    Perfil [Translate] Profile

  6. Mistress Sara Win User

    Code erreur 0x80a4001a [Translation - 0X80A4001A Error Code]


Xboxゲーマータグ[Translation-Xbox Gamertag]

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