Xcloud controller lag

Discus and support Xcloud controller lag in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Anyone else experiencing significant input lag when trying to play? I'm on pixel XL, near wifi router with 200/10 down/up, and using Bluetooth... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/denxpress, Oct 28, 2019.

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    Xcloud controller lag

    Anyone else experiencing significant input lag when trying to play? I'm on pixel XL, near wifi router with 200/10 down/up, and using Bluetooth connection. The app is showing that my network is not working 100% properly but nothing else on my network seems to be having issues. Was trying to play GoW 5 and during the warm-up I could barely shoot the moving guardian. About a half second or full second lag.

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    /u/denxpress, Oct 28, 2019
  2. XBF Brad A Win User

    Xbox one controller Bluetooth error

    Hello Itz,

    Thanks for coming to the forums. With the
    , as it is new not sure of any way to update the controller. There may be a way of reporting this in the game streaming app. Also may be a way to update or map the controller there also.


  3. IRB Win User

    Google console?

    I'll personally wait and see what the xCloud is like. Though I am still a fan of having a local console. No streaming game is ever going to compete with dedicated hardware for performance/lag.
  4. DJBSE72 Win User

    iOS 13 update includes support for Xbox bluetooth controller

    For is the Xbox One Controller the best availble even for mobile gaming.

    And in advance of xCloud I just bought a phone holder for the controller :)

    Not that will be sold out :)
  5. CptMorgnNoBeard Win User

    Would you use/buy a Hand Held Xbox ?

    I think with project xcloud it's not really needed. Perhaps they could just release some great controllers for mobile.
  6. IRB Win User

    Xcloud VR Controler ideas

    Sure is my friend, only its test phase currently. I will be happy to provide some youtube videos when I get some time. My Twitter is @NTolerated you can see on there we have already tested it with success in a field with 30mbps up and 30mbps down
    low lag minor dropouts.
    Isn't there an NDA on it? Are you allowed to record and show videos of it?

    The idea of xcloud is to leverage all your existing games, anywhere you are. So modifying them would be down to the individual games I suppose to support a different controller input. at present, the games need almost no changes to work over xcloud.

Xcloud controller lag

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